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From "Allan Edwards" <...@meepzor.com>
Subject RE: APR Bug or misunderstanding ?
Date Sat, 06 Jan 2001 03:23:25 GMT
> Hmmmm..... I have just looked at the code in more detail, we have already
> an "if (alloc_mutex {" check both before locking and unlocking the
> mutex.  This means that we shouldn't be seg faulting.  When did you grab
> your copy of APR?  Do you have the if calls in your copy?

Part of the problem I think is that apr_destroy_lock does
not null out the alloc_mutex pointer so that the if(alloc_mutex)
test in apr_destroy_pool is true and we trap (at least on Windows).
Passing in a apr_lock_t** intro apr_destroy_lock and nulling the pointer
might fix the problem.

I had noticed this problem in Apache this afternoon but hadn't
had time to investigate. BTW I am having chronic mail delivery problems
so if this has already been answered please ignore.


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