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From "Brian Havard" <bri...@kheldar.apana.org.au>
Subject apr_poll inconsistency
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2001 06:15:12 GMT
I've noticed that some implementations of apr_poll clear the apr_pollfd_t
they're given, requiring reapplication of apr_add_poll_socket()s, and some

Apart from being inconsistent, it's a problem for me because the
implementation I wrote for OS/2 doesn't clear the list but doesn't prevent
duplicates either so when an app re-adds after an apr_poll() it results in
duplicates in the list (it's just an array of descriptors). ApacheBench
(ab) on OS/2 is currently broken because of this but I'm not sure what the
correct fix is.

I'd like to see consistent behaviour from apr_poll() on all platforms but
which? My own preference is to not clear the list & therefore not require
repeated apr_add_poll_socket() calls. This would require the select based
implementations to copy their fd_sets before calling select().


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