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From Cliff Woolley <cliffwool...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [PATCH] ap_brigade_partition()
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2001 18:56:09 GMT

--- Greg Stein <gstein@lyra.org> wrote:
> Now that we're actually using this function, I figured it was time to dig in
> and spend the time with this patch. :-)

Cool.  Just so you know, I've been kind of out-of-touch with the list for a while, since
the 1000+ messages that accumulated while I was on vacation have been a rather daunting
pile to tackle.  If I've missed anything else related to this subject, please let me

> *) what happens when you find a bucket with e->length == -1 ? AFAICT, the
>    function doesn't handle it. I'm thinking a check at the top of the loop
>    for a length==-1 and a read(), then do the point/length compare stuff.

Oops.  I think you're right... that was a hidden semantic that seems to have been lost in
the optimization process.

> *) after_point looks wrong for the manual-split case. It appears that you'd
>    end up with (B1a, B1b, B2) and return B2 rather than B1b.

Oops... you're right on that one, too.  Again, it seems that I've optimized away the
correct behavior.  ;-]

I'll fix these two things and resubmit the patch (I guess the new patch should also
include an update to the byterange filter).  I'll try to do this today, but it might be
tomorrow... my Linux filesystem went kaflooey on me and I'm still trying to sort it all


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