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From Sam TH <...@uchicago.edu>
Subject Build problems on BeOS R4.5
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2001 09:01:12 GMT
Well, I recently tried building APR on BeOS R4.5 (this time an i586)
again.  I get the following error:

/bin/sh /boot/home/subversion/apr/libtool --mode=compile --silent gcc -DBEOS -DBEOS  -I../../include
-I../../include/arch/beos -I../../include/arch/unix -c filestat.c && touch filestat.lo
/boot/home/subversion/apr/file_io/unix/filestat.c: In function `fill_out_finfo':
/boot/home/subversion/apr/file_io/unix/filestat.c:101: structure has no member named `st_blocks'

This error is not surprising, since as it turns out, the stat.h header
defines a struct stat without st_blocks as a member, nor with any
close analogue.  The definition of stat is as follows:

struct stat {
    dev_t                       st_dev;        /* "device" that this file resides on */
    ino_t                       st_ino;        /* this file's inode #, unique per device */
    mode_t                      st_mode;       /* mode bits (rwx for user, group, etc) */
    nlink_t                     st_nlink;      /* number of hard links to this file */
    uid_t                       st_uid;        /* user id of the owner of this file */
    gid_t                       st_gid;        /* group id of the owner of this file */
    off_t                       st_size;       /* size in bytes of this file */
    dev_t                       st_rdev;       /* device type (not used) */
    size_t                      st_blksize;    /* preferred block size for i/o */
    time_t                      st_atime;      /* last access time */
    time_t                      st_mtime;      /* last modification time */
    time_t                      st_ctime;      /* last change time, not creation time */
    time_t                      st_crtime;     /* creation time */

I wonder if st_size/st_blksize might do the trick.  

	sam th		     
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