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From Sascha Schumann <sas...@schumann.cx>
Subject Re: make_export.awk
Date Sat, 16 Dec 2000 20:27:13 GMT
> What makes you think the awk solution is any more portable than the Perl
> solution?  I would much rather determine what is happening than to just
> give up on the Perl solution.  Please take a look at the definition of
> those functions and make sure they actually match the regex.  You could
> try upgrading your Perl version.

    They do match.  The regex in the awk script is exactly the
    same (only some \X have been replaced with [X]).

    Here are the facts:

    Two machines with Perl 5.005_02 show the problem, two other
    machines (your's included) with Perl 5.005_03 don't.

    I've just finished testing the AWK script with gawk 3.0.6
    under Win98.  It works flawlessly and produces the same
    output as under Unix.  Additionally, I've now verified that
    Solaris' nawk handles the script.

    I'm quite reluctant to spend time on upgrading Perl or trying
    to find a workaround for a bug in Perl, if we have a suitable
    solution for all those problems at hand.

> This is a useless conversation until we have those answers.

    OtherBill/anyone else? Anything to add?

    - Sascha

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