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From Sascha Schumann <sas...@schumann.cx>
Subject Re: make_export.awk
Date Sat, 16 Dec 2000 18:41:24 GMT
> When I originally wrote the buildexports stuff, we didn't require Perl to
> build Apache, because that file could be generated once and just bundled
> with Apache.  With the move to create those files during the build steps,
> we now require Perl just to build.  I think the best solution is to move
> that step back to the buildconf script, because that allows us to bundle
> these files with the packages.

    Yes, that would eliminate the requirement for end-users.

    What about developers who want to test a CVS checkout of APR
    or Apache on a non-mainstream OS?  Do you want to force them
    to install Perl?

> It turns out there are no other Perl scripts, except for on
> Windows.  Regardless, OtherBill made a decision to not use awk or sed in
> the step that modifies the default config file.  I really think we need to
> find out why he made that decision.  If he chose not to use awk for a
> reason, then we can not force him to use awk on Windows now.

    I'd be interested to learn what the reason was.

> Are you using the most recent checkout of Apache?  I really
> don't know why it wouldn't work on your machine.  I am using
> Mandrake 7.1 with perl 5.005_03

    I did a complete fresh checkout of APR now, ran buildconf,
    configure and make apr.exports.  The symbols are still
    missing.  It looks like there is an incompatibility between
    the Perl script and the Perl version.  One more reason to
    favor awk.  ;-)

    - Sascha

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