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From r..@covalent.net
Subject Re: make_export.awk
Date Sat, 16 Dec 2000 18:28:07 GMT

> > I dislike this idea.  I realize (now) that awk is available on Windows,
> > but Perl is already required to build Apache on Windows, and all of a
> > sudden we are going to add the requirement of awk too.  Why?  We already
> > require Perl on every platform when building Apache, but we do not
> > currently require awk.
>     Is Perl required on Unix as well?

Currently, yes it is.  It is required for the .exports file, and it is
required for using APXS.  In genreal, we expect most developers to have
Perl on their machines, but we will not require users to have it.

>     There are still a substantial amount of platforms which don't
>     ship with Perl (most SysV-derivatives, including Tru64,
>     UnixWare, OpenServer). Apache 1.3 did not require Perl and
>     one of the design goals of the Apache 2.0 build system was
>     that it shall work without Perl.
>     Has this changed?

When I originally wrote the buildexports stuff, we didn't require Perl to
build Apache, because that file could be generated once and just bundled
with Apache.  With the move to create those files during the build steps,
we now require Perl just to build.  I think the best solution is to move
that step back to the buildconf script, because that allows us to bundle
these files with the packages.

> > Unless there is a really good reason to change this to awk, I would much
> > rather use Perl.  That is a -1 (vote not veto) for the awk version.  I
> > would also point out that we have always expected developers to have Perl
> > installed on their machines, and people who download the binary will not
> > need it.
>     Cannot we port the Perl stuff to awk as well?

It turns out there are no other Perl scripts, except for on
Windows.  Regardless, OtherBill made a decision to not use awk or sed in
the step that modifies the default config file.  I really think we need to
find out why he made that decision.  If he chose not to use awk for a
reason, then we can not force him to use awk on Windows now.

> > Yes, all of these are supposed to be exported, and they are by the Perl
> > version.  At least they are on my machine.
>     I've just rerun the Perl version and it still excludes those
>     symbols. Any ideas?
>     My laptop is running SuSE 6.1 (perl 5.005_02).

Are you using the most recent checkout of Apache?  I really don't know why
it wouldn't work on your machine.  I am using Mandrake 7.1 with perl


Ryan Bloom                        	rbb@apache.org
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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