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From r..@covalent.net
Subject Re: cvs commit: apr-util/src/dbm Makefile.in apr_dbm.c
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2000 14:47:49 GMT

> The file will only be built once. If you do a "make extraclean", then it
> will need to be built again. If the thing is built once, then it shouldn't
> really matter whether it is built at "buildconf.sh" or "make" time.

But it breaks the first time you try to configure Apache.  That's no
good.  Plus, by adding the apr directory to the buildconf stage, we can
remove it from the ./configure stage.  apr-utils is useless without APR,
so we should be specifying its location during buildconf.  We should do
the same for Apache, but that is a much bigger change, and I haven't
gotten around to it yet.  That would let us build Apache with APR's that
do not live in the build tree.

> By moving it into the Makefile, we have access to the APR directory. The
> parameter to buildconf.sh is a bit strange... our other buildconf scripts
> don't do it (nor does autogen.sh in SVN). In some cases, APR can be found by
> the configure script automatically, so nobody would need to pass a parameter
> at any time to say where APR is located.

I believe this should all be done at buildconf time, not configure
time.  Move all the checks into buildconf for specifying library
directories.  Trying to configure a package without having all the
libraries installed just doesn't work.

> Regarding Apache: why isn't exports.c built at "make" time, too? I don't see
> a need for that to be done at buildconf time either.

Because we only want to do it once.  I did move it into the make stage on
my own tree at one point, and it made the build far too slow without any
feedback.  I realize we would only do it when things have changed, but
we are still forcing people who download a tarball to rebuild their export
list, when they aren't changing anything the first time.  The speed may
have gotten better with the change to awk for buildexports, I really don't

> I'm more than happy to go punch Apache to move the construction of exports.c
> into "make" time rather than buildconf time. By doing it at make time, we
> can also create dependencies on the APR and APRUTIL export files. Thus, if
> we are doing some coding in APR(UTIL) and change the exports, Apache will
> automatically update (rather than needing to wait for somebody to run
> buildconf again).

It doesn't matter if Apache re-builds it's exports when apr and apr-util
rebuild their .exports file, because they never do that.  The thing is
that we would need to re-build the .exports file anytime ANY .h file was
changed, and I don't know about the other developers, but I change header
files all the time, and usually not in a way that breaks the exports
list.  In other words, even if we change the call to buildexports.sh to
put it into a makefile, it won't change anything, because we never update
the .exports file except for at buildconf time.

This could move into the configure phase, if you can figure out how to get
autoconf to do all this stuff at the correct time.  Regardless, what we
have now is broken and needs to be fixed ASAP.


Ryan Bloom                        	rbb@apache.org
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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