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From Greg Stein <gst...@lyra.org>
Subject Re: Patch to fix dirs when builddir != srcdir
Date Sat, 16 Dec 2000 02:45:57 GMT
On Fri, Dec 15, 2000 at 05:59:14PM -0800, Mo DeJong wrote:
> On Sat, 16 Dec 2000, Sascha Schumann wrote:
> >     In my last email, I tried to communicate to you that you are
> >     putting words into my mouth. Nobody likes that, especially if
> >     you get it wrong. You have now succeeded in getting things
> >     wrong again (no, I did not defend the choice of Perl and
> >     never accused you of being anti-Perl, nor did I ever say that
> >     I dislike automake or GNU make).
> Funny, that is what I thought you were doing. Email
> is not a very good medium to discern intent, so I will
> try harder to not read things into what you write.

Sascha is being obtuse, when he should have simply said what he meant. That
would have kept the discussion much cleaner (shame on you, Sascha).

What he was trying to say, and what that Perl advocacy document stated, was
simply: choosing *not* to use a tool, does not imply that the tool is bad or
that it is disliked. It simply means that it was not chosen for that
particular task.

In this case, Sascha stated that automake was not chosen because it is a bit
heavy for APR, and that automake doesn't apply well to APR's flexibility.
Whether that is true or not is debatable :-), but he certainly didn't say he
disliked automake. You inferred that, he pointed you at that advocacy
document to try and show you that "not to choose" is not the same as

Personally, I dislike Perl. Immensely. But it solved our problem quite
readily (re: apr.exports). I believe that we should probably package that
file, rather than let end-users build it (thus, reducing the needs for the
build). But it would be even better if we could toss Perl and use awk or
something for that step.

And, btw, on "ignoring patches": I don't think we're ignoring your patches
at all. We had a discussion on autogen.sh and the benefits of changing over
to use that name didn't seem to be all that large. That isn't a rejection --
that is due consideration and a choice not to change.


Greg Stein, http://www.lyra.org/

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