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From "Brian Havard" <bri...@kheldar.apana.org.au>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apr/network_io/unix sa_common.c
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 02:42:06 GMT
On 13 Dec 2000 22:30:22 -0000, trawick@locus.apache.org wrote:

>  OS/2 and Win32 logic for reporting getaddrinfo() failures is from existing
>  code.  The OS/2 code doesn't look right to me (need to add APR_OS_START_xyz?)
>  I'm not sure what is needed for pre-BONE BeOS.

Actually, h_error on OS/2 needs to be sorted out somehow as there's
currently no place for it in apr_error_t space, the only existing use of it
on OS/2 is wrong. I think we need a standard place for it so OS/2 & Unix
code can share code without these #ifdefs, maybe somewhere in the
APR_OS_START_ERROR->APR_OS_START_STATUS range. There's space for 500 codes
there of which 20 are used.

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