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From field...@ebuilt.com
Subject Re: Showstoppers: Alpha 9
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 01:25:49 GMT
> > I would like to see more opinions on the src/ thing than myself, OtherBill,
> > and Ryan. We should not proceed on *any* course of action without that. I
> > suspect we will not have it resolved by tomorrow. I'm going to work on a
> > bunch of the items for the release, but we should do something to get a
> > write-up of the src-vs-not alternatives and get some more input.

I think it is goofy to place a src directory in a source tree -- everything
in the distribution is source.  If there are too many subdirectories, then
either abstract them into relevant categories or split them into different
library modules.


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