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From Sam TH <...@uchicago.edu>
Subject Re: compilation difficulties on BeOS
Date Sat, 02 Dec 2000 10:51:46 GMT
On Sat, Dec 02, 2000 at 12:57:01AM -0800, Greg Stein wrote:
> That is generated by ./buildconf in the APR directory. It is created by
> autoconf or autoheader (I forget which). Something must have happened to it
> after you ran buildconf.

Thanks.  My problem was not running buildconf.  Too bad this isn't
documented, maybe I'l write something.  Is there a way for configure
to tell if buildconf has been run?  Then we wouldn't have to document

On Sat, Dec 02, 2000 at 10:06:28AM -0000, David Reid wrote:
> Power PC has a lot of problems with various aspects of APR and I haven't
> been able to find anyone who can give me reliable and frequent access to a
> Power PC BeOS to keep things up to date.  If you can help then that'll be
> great.  BTW, R5 or BONE?

Well, if APR doesn't work on BeOS/PPC, then I won't be able to switch
from CVS.  And I wouldn't want that.  So sure, I'll help.

R4.5, sadly.  If I had actually ever seen the machine, I would
probably install R5 on it.  :-)

Ok, now to the next problem.  That was that it couldn't find stderr.
The attched patch fixes this.

The next problem.  When trying to compile socketcommon.c, I get about
50 error messages.  They all basically look like this

### mwcc Compiler Error:
#	if (sock->local_port_unknown) {
#	          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
#   'local_port_unknown' is not a struct/union/class member

Or some other problem with the declaration of sock (it finds lots).
It seems that apr_socket_t is being defined improperly. In fact,
local_port_unknown isn't a member of apr_socket_t as defined in
beos/network_io.h.  It is defined in
include/arch/[unix,win32,os2]/network_io.h however.  There are lots of
other problems with the declaration of sock too.  It doesn't find
various members of [local,remote]_addr either, among other problems.
I suspect that this is either a result of horrible bitrot (which seems
unlikely) or that there's some simple includes that aren't happening

I hope that was comprehensible.

	sam th		     
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