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From r..@covalent.net
Subject Re: Web Sites/CVS repositories
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 01:16:22 GMT

> > Everything that's currently in STATUS, I would imagine should be on
> > the web site...
> Agreed. I easily see that stuff simply moving over. The apr-core/STATUS
> file, however, is a nice place to track the initial startup issues for the
> PMC.

Yes.  My reason for doing this on the PMC to begin with is to keep the
conversation between few enough people that we can discuss this easily
without having to involved the entire world.  IMO, we are coming up with a
starting point, and these issues are closed when we are done, but
hopefully we are all on the same page.

> But: we probably still need a CVS repository for the "behind the scenes"
> stuff, much like the need for a mailing list.

If for no other reason than to make it easy for us to get in touch with
each other.  I can't tell you all how many times I have searched the ASF
CVS repository for an e-mail address.  :-)

> I could easily see making the website a subdirectory of the PMC repository.
> For example:
> apr-core/
>    private/
>    www/
> And then we pull apr-core/www/ into locus:/www/apr.apache.org
> Hrm. That doesn't work. Any Committer should probably have access to both
> apr-site/ and apr/. Only PMC members have the apr-core/ repository access.
> Unless we start getting funky with groups and unix perms on locus, it is a
> bit difficult to combine the two modules because of the disjoint
> authorization. (currently, all three APR CVS modules use the "apr" group).
> I might see a way to combine apr/ and apr-site/, but that could lead to some
> confusion.

It makes things a bit easier to just keep them separate, and it keeps
things looking like the other ASF projects.  :-)

Ryan Bloom                        	rbb@apache.org
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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