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From Karl Fogel <kfo...@galois.collab.net>
Subject Re: We're getting code!!!!!!
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2000 16:10:38 GMT
rbb@covalent.net writes:
> Here is exactly what I will be doing.  If anybody sees a problem with
> this, TELL ME NOW, PLEASE!  If nobody sees a problem, I do this at
> 12:00.  :-)

The plan looks good.

I created a many-subdir-level test project under CVS here, and tested
your recursive removal method, just to make sure.  It has the right
effect in the repository (all the files get moved into Attic/ dirs,
leaving an empty dir tree skeleton under apr/), but note that in your
working copy it will have a totally nasty & buggy behavior: it removes
the CVS subdir that is *sibling* to the directory you removed, and
*doesn't* remove any of the files or dirs you intended to remove.

But this is okay -- it only affects your working copy, because you're
the one doing the removal, and you're about to wipe that subtree from
your working copy anyway and re-checkout from the new repository.

I'll mail the Subversion list with instructions after you've done the


> On locus:
>         cd /home/cvs
>         cp -R apache-2.0/src/lib/apr apr
>         exit
> On my machine
>         cd ~/apache-2.0/src/lib
>         cvs rm -Rf apr
>         cvs commit
>         cvs co apache-devsite
>         modify to explain that people need to checkout apr on their own.
>         cvs commit
> 	cvs co apr-site
> 	modify to explain how to check-out APR
> 	cvs commit

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