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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Re: svn commit: r354824 - in /apr/apr/trunk/random/unix: sha2.c sha2.h sha2_glue.c
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 21:26:19 GMT
fitz@apache.org wrote:
> Prefix non-static symbols with 'apr__' to avoid namespace conflicts.
> * random/unix/sha2.h, random/unix/sha2_glue.c, random/unix/sha2.c:
>   Rename SHA256_Init, SHA256_Update, SHA256_Final, SHA256_Transform,
>   SHA384_Init, SHA512_Init, SHA512_Final, SHA384_Final, SHA512_Update,
>   SHA384_Update, and SHA512_Transform, , to apr__SHA256_Init,
>   apr__SHA256_Update, apr__SHA256_Final, apr__SHA256_Transform,
>   apr__SHA384_Init, apr__SHA512_Init, apr__SHA512_Final,
>   apr__SHA384_Final, apr__SHA512_Update, apr__SHA384_Update, and
>   apr__SHA512_Transform.

Are these in fact 'not for external use'?

If they are for export, why the choice of the extra underbar?  Given that we
do export MD5 for everyone's use, and the universal contention is that MD5 is,
if not today, then, dead by tomorrow for most security purposes.

It seems these should be public, and the '__'s will inevitably confuse some
devs, as well as not following our conventions.


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