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From wr...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: apr-iconv/build BaseAddr.ref
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2003 18:37:29 GMT
wrowe       2003/03/10 10:37:29

  Added:       build    BaseAddr.ref
    Some of the problems with rebase.exe we encountered strongly suggests
    dropping rebase entirely.  This hardcoded list was generated by rebase -C
    (see build/modules.mk.win) but rebase will only be used when reorganizing
    it all.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  apr-iconv/build/BaseAddr.ref
  Index: BaseAddr.ref
  ; apr-iconv/BaseAddr.ref contains the central repository
  ;                        of all module base addresses
  ;                        to avoid relocation
  ; Note; the libapr[iconv/util].dll address are for reference
  ; only, those bases are hardcoded in their respective .dsp files.
  ; WARNING: Update this file by reviewing the image size
  ;          of the debug-generated dll files; release images
  ;          should fit in the (usually) larger debug-sized space.
  ; modulename          base-addr   max-size
  libapr.dll           0x6eec0000 0x00040000
  libaprutil.dll       0x6ee60000 0x00060000
  libapriconv.dll      0x6ee50000 0x00010000
  _tbl_simple.so       0x6ee40000 0x00010000
  euc-jp.so            0x6ee30000 0x00010000
  euc-kr.so            0x6ee20000 0x00010000
  euc-tw.so            0x6ee10000 0x00010000
  gb2312.so            0x6ee00000 0x00010000
  iso-10646-ucs-2.so   0x6edf0000 0x00010000
  iso-10646-ucs-4.so   0x6ede0000 0x00010000
  iso-2022-cn.so       0x6edd0000 0x00010000
  iso-2022-jp-2.so     0x6edc0000 0x00010000
  iso-2022-jp.so       0x6edb0000 0x00010000
  iso-2022-kr.so       0x6eda0000 0x00010000
  ucs2-internal.so     0x6ed90000 0x00010000
  ucs4-internal.so     0x6ed80000 0x00010000
  unicode-1-1-utf-7.so 0x6ed70000 0x00010000
  utf-16.so            0x6ed60000 0x00010000
  utf-8.so             0x6ed50000 0x00010000
  adobe-stdenc.so      0x6ed40000 0x00010000
  adobe-symbol.so      0x6ed30000 0x00010000
  adobe-zdingbats.so   0x6ed20000 0x00010000
  big5.so              0x6ed00000 0x00020000
  cns11643-plane1.so   0x6ece0000 0x00020000
  cns11643-plane14.so  0x6ecc0000 0x00020000
  cns11643-plane2.so   0x6eca0000 0x00020000
  cp037.so             0x6ec90000 0x00010000
  cp038.so             0x6ec80000 0x00010000
  cp10000.so           0x6ec70000 0x00010000
  cp10006.so           0x6ec60000 0x00010000
  cp10007.so           0x6ec50000 0x00010000
  cp10029.so           0x6ec40000 0x00010000
  cp1006.so            0x6ec30000 0x00010000
  cp10079.so           0x6ec20000 0x00010000
  cp10081.so           0x6ec10000 0x00010000
  cp1026.so            0x6ec00000 0x00010000
  cp273.so             0x6ebf0000 0x00010000
  cp274.so             0x6ebe0000 0x00010000
  cp275.so             0x6ebd0000 0x00010000
  cp277.so             0x6ebc0000 0x00010000
  cp278.so             0x6ebb0000 0x00010000
  cp280.so             0x6eba0000 0x00010000
  cp281.so             0x6eb90000 0x00010000
  cp284.so             0x6eb80000 0x00010000
  cp285.so             0x6eb70000 0x00010000
  cp290.so             0x6eb60000 0x00010000
  cp297.so             0x6eb50000 0x00010000
  cp420.so             0x6eb40000 0x00010000
  cp423.so             0x6eb30000 0x00010000
  cp424.so             0x6eb20000 0x00010000
  cp437.so             0x6eb10000 0x00010000
  cp500.so             0x6eb00000 0x00010000
  cp737.so             0x6eaf0000 0x00010000
  cp775.so             0x6eae0000 0x00010000
  cp850.so             0x6ead0000 0x00010000
  cp851.so             0x6eac0000 0x00010000
  cp852.so             0x6eab0000 0x00010000
  cp855.so             0x6eaa0000 0x00010000
  cp856.so             0x6ea90000 0x00010000
  cp857.so             0x6ea80000 0x00010000
  cp860.so             0x6ea70000 0x00010000
  cp861.so             0x6ea60000 0x00010000
  cp862.so             0x6ea50000 0x00010000
  cp863.so             0x6ea40000 0x00010000
  cp864.so             0x6ea30000 0x00010000
  cp865.so             0x6ea20000 0x00010000
  cp866.so             0x6ea10000 0x00010000
  cp868.so             0x6ea00000 0x00010000
  cp869.so             0x6e9f0000 0x00010000
  cp870.so             0x6e9e0000 0x00010000
  cp871.so             0x6e9d0000 0x00010000
  cp874.so             0x6e9c0000 0x00010000
  cp875.so             0x6e9b0000 0x00010000
  cp880.so             0x6e9a0000 0x00010000
  cp891.so             0x6e990000 0x00010000
  cp903.so             0x6e980000 0x00010000
  cp904.so             0x6e970000 0x00010000
  cp905.so             0x6e960000 0x00010000
  cp918.so             0x6e950000 0x00010000
  cp932.so             0x6e930000 0x00020000
  cp936.so             0x6e900000 0x00030000
  cp949.so             0x6e8d0000 0x00030000
  cp950.so             0x6e8b0000 0x00020000
  dec-mcs.so           0x6e8a0000 0x00010000
  ebcdic-at-de-a.so    0x6e890000 0x00010000
  ebcdic-at-de.so      0x6e880000 0x00010000
  ebcdic-ca-fr.so      0x6e870000 0x00010000
  ebcdic-dk-no-a.so    0x6e860000 0x00010000
  ebcdic-dk-no.so      0x6e850000 0x00010000
  ebcdic-es-a.so       0x6e840000 0x00010000
  ebcdic-es-s.so       0x6e830000 0x00010000
  ebcdic-es.so         0x6e820000 0x00010000
  ebcdic-fi-se-a.so    0x6e810000 0x00010000
  ebcdic-fi-se.so      0x6e800000 0x00010000
  ebcdic-fr.so         0x6e7f0000 0x00010000
  ebcdic-it.so         0x6e7e0000 0x00010000
  ebcdic-pt.so         0x6e7d0000 0x00010000
  ebcdic-uk.so         0x6e7c0000 0x00010000
  ebcdic-us.so         0x6e7b0000 0x00010000
  gb12345.so           0x6e790000 0x00020000
  gb_2312-80.so        0x6e770000 0x00020000
  hp-roman8.so         0x6e760000 0x00010000
  iso-8859-1.so        0x6e750000 0x00010000
  iso-8859-10.so       0x6e740000 0x00010000
  iso-8859-13.so       0x6e730000 0x00010000
  iso-8859-14.so       0x6e720000 0x00010000
  iso-8859-15.so       0x6e710000 0x00010000
  iso-8859-2.so        0x6e700000 0x00010000
  iso-8859-3.so        0x6e6f0000 0x00010000
  iso-8859-4.so        0x6e6e0000 0x00010000
  iso-8859-5.so        0x6e6d0000 0x00010000
  iso-8859-6.so        0x6e6c0000 0x00010000
  iso-8859-7.so        0x6e6b0000 0x00010000
  iso-8859-8.so        0x6e6a0000 0x00010000
  iso-8859-9.so        0x6e690000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-10.so         0x6e680000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-102.so        0x6e670000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-103.so        0x6e660000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-11.so         0x6e650000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-111.so        0x6e640000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-121.so        0x6e630000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-122.so        0x6e620000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-123.so        0x6e610000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-128.so        0x6e600000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-13.so         0x6e5f0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-139.so        0x6e5e0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-14.so         0x6e5d0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-141.so        0x6e5c0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-142.so        0x6e5b0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-143.so        0x6e5a0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-146.so        0x6e590000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-147.so        0x6e580000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-15.so         0x6e570000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-150.so        0x6e560000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-151.so        0x6e550000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-152.so        0x6e540000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-153.so        0x6e530000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-154.so        0x6e520000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-155.so        0x6e510000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-158.so        0x6e500000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-16.so         0x6e4f0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-17.so         0x6e4e0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-18.so         0x6e4d0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-19.so         0x6e4c0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-2.so          0x6e4b0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-21.so         0x6e4a0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-25.so         0x6e490000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-27.so         0x6e480000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-37.so         0x6e470000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-4.so          0x6e460000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-47.so         0x6e450000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-49.so         0x6e440000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-50.so         0x6e430000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-51.so         0x6e420000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-54.so         0x6e410000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-55.so         0x6e400000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-57.so         0x6e3f0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-60.so         0x6e3e0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-61.so         0x6e3d0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-69.so         0x6e3c0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-70.so         0x6e3b0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-8-1.so        0x6e3a0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-8-2.so        0x6e390000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-84.so         0x6e380000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-85.so         0x6e370000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-86.so         0x6e360000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-88.so         0x6e350000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-89.so         0x6e340000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-9-1.so        0x6e330000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-9-2.so        0x6e320000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-90.so         0x6e310000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-91.so         0x6e300000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-92.so         0x6e2f0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-93.so         0x6e2e0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-94.so         0x6e2d0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-95.so         0x6e2c0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-96.so         0x6e2b0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-98.so         0x6e2a0000 0x00010000
  iso-ir-99.so         0x6e290000 0x00010000
  iso646-dk.so         0x6e280000 0x00010000
  iso646-kr.so         0x6e270000 0x00010000
  jis_x0201.so         0x6e260000 0x00010000
  jis_x0208-1983.so    0x6e240000 0x00020000
  jis_x0212-1990.so    0x6e220000 0x00020000
  johab.so             0x6e1f0000 0x00030000
  koi8-r.so            0x6e1e0000 0x00010000
  koi8-ru.so           0x6e1d0000 0x00010000
  koi8-u.so            0x6e1c0000 0x00010000
  ksx1001.so           0x6e1a0000 0x00020000
  mac-ce.so            0x6e190000 0x00010000
  mac-croatian.so      0x6e180000 0x00010000
  mac-cyrillic.so      0x6e170000 0x00010000
  mac-dingbats.so      0x6e160000 0x00010000
  mac-greek.so         0x6e150000 0x00010000
  mac-iceland.so       0x6e140000 0x00010000
  mac-japan.so         0x6e120000 0x00020000
  mac-roman.so         0x6e110000 0x00010000
  mac-romania.so       0x6e100000 0x00010000
  mac-thai.so          0x6e0f0000 0x00010000
  mac-turkish.so       0x6e0e0000 0x00010000
  mac-ukraine.so       0x6e0d0000 0x00010000
  macintosh.so         0x6e0c0000 0x00010000
  shift_jis.so         0x6e0a0000 0x00020000
  us-ascii.so          0x6e090000 0x00010000
  windows-1250.so      0x6e080000 0x00010000
  windows-1251.so      0x6e070000 0x00010000
  windows-1252.so      0x6e060000 0x00010000
  windows-1253.so      0x6e050000 0x00010000
  windows-1254.so      0x6e040000 0x00010000
  windows-1255.so      0x6e030000 0x00010000
  windows-1256.so      0x6e020000 0x00010000
  windows-1257.so      0x6e010000 0x00010000
  windows-1258.so      0x6e000000 0x00010000

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