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From Dale Ghent <da...@elemental.org>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apr/atomic/solaris_sparc Makefile.in
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 19:37:46 GMT
On 21 Feb 2002 jfclere@apache.org wrote:

|   +                ASFLAGS="-xarch=v8plus -KPIC -q"
|   +                ASCPPFLAGS="-D_ASM -D__STDC__=0"
|   +            else
|   +                ASFLAGS="-K pic -P -D_ASM -D__STDC__=0 -xarch=v8plus"

This bit troubles me.

It's making the hard-coded assumption that the archetecture that you're
going to run the object code on supports the v8+ instruction set... which
are only UltraSPARC-based (sun4u and up) machines.

This essentially breaks APR for all sparcs that are not UltraSPARCs.

Also, use of -q for Sun 'as' is not recommended, per the as(1) man page on
Solaris 8.


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