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From stri...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: apr STATUS
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2001 10:43:01 GMT
striker     01/12/14 02:43:01

  Modified:    .        STATUS
  Actualize with respect to pools and sms.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.84      +3 -45     apr/STATUS
  Index: STATUS
  RCS file: /home/cvs/apr/STATUS,v
  retrieving revision 1.83
  retrieving revision 1.84
  diff -u -r1.83 -r1.84
  --- STATUS	2001/12/14 01:26:03	1.83
  +++ STATUS	2001/12/14 10:43:00	1.84
  @@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
  -Last modified at [$Date: 2001/12/14 01:26:03 $]
  +Last modified at [$Date: 2001/12/14 10:43:00 $]
  @@ -48,24 +48,13 @@
       * Enable pools to have thread-specific locking in it.
           Status: Sander's pool code has been tested with httpd, flood, 
  -                and SVN.  It needs to be determined whether we will
  -                wait for the debug code to be finished before 
  -                committing.
  -        Patch:
  -            <JLEGKKNELMHCJPNMOKHOOECHFAAA.striker@apache.org>
  +                and SVN.  It's in.  The debug code needs to be added.
               Ian: <3C083414.1080208@cnet.com> (performance)
               Brian: <3C07D792.9070301@cnet.com> (code)
                      <3C0D6BB5.6010505@cnet.com> (performance)
               Justin: <20011205025611.GB22835@ebuilt.com> (code)
  -        Votes:
  -            Sander's patch:
  -                +1: Brian (non-binding), 
  -                    Ian (once we have a debug version of palloc etc),
  -                    Justin
  -                    Sander
  -                 0:
  -                -1:
       * Get OTHER_CHILD support into Win32
           Status: Bill S. is looking into this
  @@ -167,37 +156,6 @@
         pass to apr_dso_load()
         -- note on Win32 we distinguish 'apache module' names from other 
            'loadable module' names, so be careful with Apache's directive.
  -    * APR memory code
  -      The SMS code has been removed.  The abstraction made it perform
  -      far worse than pools.  Pools need probably be revamped to take
  -      a want_new_freelist parameter to get rid of the global locking
  -      on block allocation.
  -        Status: Sander volunteers
  -    * In line with the new SMS code is the fact that threading and pools
  -      just are not working together well.  This is due to the fact that
  -      the pool code has one global mutex (alloc_mutex) and one freelist
  -      (block_freelist) for all pools to share.  This means that only 
  -      one worker can be allocating memory at any given time.  This is 
  -      probably the reason why Apache 2.0 is faster with prefork MPM 
  -      (thread-disabled APR) than threaded MPM.  The solution to this
  -      is most likely to incorporate a rework of the pools to use the new
  -      SMS code and allow certain pools (i.e. request pools in httpd-2.0)
  -      to have an option for no locking (as they can't have contention
  -      by definition).  This would mean that the mutex and freelist
  -      must be moved inside of apr_pool_t.  Therefore, this is the 
  -      jumping-off point into SMS.  
  -        Justin: The SMS code has been checked into CVS (see above).
  -                To solve this problem, we want only one trivial SMS 
  -                per thread which acts as the parent for all SMSs in 
  -                that thread (giving us thread-local allocation).  
  -                Each descendant SMS should be something along the 
  -                lines of a tracking SMS.  That's how I see it anyway.
  -                There are other possibilities.  Any of those probably 
  -                work as well.  See the apr archives for more info.  
  -                We're still debating this.
  -        Sander: The SMS code has been removed (see above).
       * Possible gmtime_r replacement in explode_time
         On Solaris (and possibly others), the gmtime_r libc function obtains

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