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From jerenkra...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: apr configure.in
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2001 05:16:48 GMT
jerenkrantz    01/08/26 22:16:48

  Modified:    .        configure.in
  Add explanatory note about the
  EXTRA_LIBS="-lm -lcrypt -lnsl  -ldl"
  bogosity due to autoconf lameness.
  I think we could do some things to work around it, but now that the problem
  is definitely autoconf's, I don't feel like hacking around something that
  is their problem and that they could fix in ~2 lines.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.362     +4 -0      apr/configure.in
  Index: configure.in
  RCS file: /home/cvs/apr/configure.in,v
  retrieving revision 1.361
  retrieving revision 1.362
  diff -u -r1.361 -r1.362
  --- configure.in	2001/08/17 13:35:34	1.361
  +++ configure.in	2001/08/27 05:16:48	1.362
  @@ -261,6 +261,10 @@
   dnl #----------------------------- Checks for Any required Libraries
  +dnl Note: Autoconf will always append LIBS with an extra " " in AC_CHECK_LIB.
  +dnl It should check for LIBS being empty and set LIBS equal to the new value 
  +dnl without the extra " " in that case, but they didn't do that.  So, we
  +dnl end up LIBS="-lm -lcrypt -lnsl  -ldl" which is an annoyance.
   AC_CHECK_LIB(nsl, gethostbyname)
   AC_SEARCH_LIBS(gethostname, nsl)
   AC_CHECK_LIB(socket, socket)

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