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From field...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: apr/test Makefile.in
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 05:54:21 GMT
fielding    01/04/30 22:54:21

  Modified:    build    rules.mk.in
               test     Makefile.in
  Be careful not to override what was set by configure for ALL_LIBS
  and order them such that user-defined LIBS are preferred over those
  picked as EXTRA_LIBS by configure.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.12      +1 -1      apr/build/rules.mk.in
  Index: rules.mk.in
  RCS file: /home/cvs/apr/build/rules.mk.in,v
  retrieving revision 1.11
  retrieving revision 1.12
  diff -u -r1.11 -r1.12
  --- rules.mk.in	2001/05/01 04:52:03	1.11
  +++ rules.mk.in	2001/05/01 05:54:21	1.12
  @@ -105,7 +105,7 @@
   ### make LTFLAGS somewhat variable?
  1.49      +49 -49    apr/test/Makefile.in
  Index: Makefile.in
  RCS file: /home/cvs/apr/test/Makefile.in,v
  retrieving revision 1.48
  retrieving revision 1.49
  diff -u -r1.48 -r1.49
  --- Makefile.in	2001/04/30 00:10:03	1.48
  +++ Makefile.in	2001/05/01 05:54:21	1.49
  @@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
   # bring in rules.mk for standard functionality
  -ALL_LIBS=../libapr.la ../shmem/unix/mm/libmm.la $(LIBS) $(EXTRA_LIBS)
  +LOCAL_LIBS=../libapr.la ../shmem/unix/mm/libmm.la
   CLEAN_TARGETS = testfile.tmp
  @@ -38,77 +38,77 @@
  -testfile@EXEEXT@: testfile.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testfile.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testfile@EXEEXT@: testfile.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testfile.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -testnames@EXEEXT@: testnames.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testnames.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testnames@EXEEXT@: testnames.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testnames.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -testflock@EXEEXT@: testflock.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testflock.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testflock@EXEEXT@: testflock.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testflock.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
   ### why the export-dynamic?
  -testdso@EXEEXT@: testdso.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) --export-dynamic testdso.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testdso@EXEEXT@: testdso.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) --export-dynamic testdso.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -testoc@EXEEXT@: testoc.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testoc.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testoc@EXEEXT@: testoc.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testoc.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -occhild@EXEEXT@: occhild.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) occhild.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +occhild@EXEEXT@: occhild.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) occhild.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -mod_test.so: mod_test.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) -shared mod_test.o $(ALL_LIBS)
  +mod_test.so: mod_test.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) -shared mod_test.o $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -testargs@EXEEXT@: testargs.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testargs.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testargs@EXEEXT@: testargs.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testargs.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -testcontext@EXEEXT@: testcontext.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testcontext.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testcontext@EXEEXT@: testcontext.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testcontext.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -testproc@EXEEXT@: testproc.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testproc.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testproc@EXEEXT@: testproc.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testproc.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -testthread@EXEEXT@: testthread.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testthread.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testthread@EXEEXT@: testthread.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testthread.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -testsock@EXEEXT@: testsock.lo client@EXEEXT@ server@EXEEXT@ sendfile@EXEEXT@ ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testsock.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testsock@EXEEXT@: testsock.lo client@EXEEXT@ server@EXEEXT@ sendfile@EXEEXT@ $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testsock.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -client@EXEEXT@: client.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) client.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +client@EXEEXT@: client.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) client.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -server@EXEEXT@: server.lo sendfile.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) server.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +server@EXEEXT@: server.lo sendfile.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) server.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -sendfile@EXEEXT@: sendfile.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) sendfile.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +sendfile@EXEEXT@: sendfile.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) sendfile.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -testtime@EXEEXT@: testtime.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testtime.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testtime@EXEEXT@: testtime.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testtime.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -testmmap@EXEEXT@: testmmap.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testmmap.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testmmap@EXEEXT@: testmmap.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testmmap.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -testshmem@EXEEXT@: testshmem.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testshmem.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testshmem@EXEEXT@: testshmem.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testshmem.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -testpipe@EXEEXT@: testpipe.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testpipe.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testpipe@EXEEXT@: testpipe.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testpipe.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -testuuid@EXEEXT@: testuuid.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testuuid.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testuuid@EXEEXT@: testuuid.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testuuid.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -testsockopt@EXEEXT@: testsockopt.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testsockopt.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testsockopt@EXEEXT@: testsockopt.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testsockopt.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -testipsub@EXEEXT@: testipsub.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testipsub.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testipsub@EXEEXT@: testipsub.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testipsub.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -testmd5@EXEEXT@: testmd5.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testmd5.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testmd5@EXEEXT@: testmd5.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testmd5.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)
  -testpoll@EXEEXT@: testpoll.lo ../libapr.la
  -	$(LINK) testpoll.lo $(ALL_LIBS)
  +testpoll@EXEEXT@: testpoll.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS)
  +	$(LINK) testpoll.lo $(LOCAL_LIBS) $(ALL_LIBS)

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