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From bugzi...@apache.org
Subject [Bug 53363] 32-bit httpd (Apache 2.4.2 with APR 1.4.6) process is crashing at "apr_pstrdup" on Suse Linux 11 (64-bit) OS.
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 12:50:49 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Chandra Sekhar <varch03@ca.com> ---
I analyzed the issue and found the below details:

The "parms->pool" (in invoke_cmd method for TAKE1 plug-in) address is not the
received by the custom TAKE1 plug-in method.

In config.c (invoke_cmd method), before calling the TAKE1 plug-in:
parms->pool: 0x80c40a8
p *(parms->pool): {parent = 0x80c20a0, child = 0x8186998, sibling = 0x0, ref =
0x80e6138, cleanups = 0x8139a40, free_cleanups = 0x0, allocator =
0x80be008,subprocesses = 0x0, abort_fn = 0x8068e40 <abort_on_oom>, user_data =
0x0, tag = 0x80a8b1f "pconf", active = 0x8138848, self = 0x80c4090,
self_first_avail = 0x80c40e8 "\250@\f\bh\003\023\b\350@\f\b", pre_cleanups =


In apr_pstrdup (called from custom TAKE1 plug-in method

(apr_pool_t*) pool: 0x812a178
pool->active: 0x6f6c2f72

  {parent = 0x812a168, child = 0x812a1a0, sibling = 0x81367d0, ref = 0x0,
cleanups = 0x0, free_cleanups = 0x0, allocator = 0x8129ad8,
  subprocesses = 0x43, abort_fn = 0, user_data = 0x0, tag = 0x73752f22 <Address
0x73752f22 out of bounds>, active = 0x6f6c2f72, self = 0x2f6c6163,
self_first_avail = 0x63617061 <Address 0x63617061 out of bounds>, pre_cleanups
= 0x2f326568}

the pool address is a different value received by custom plug-in method (in
this case from 0x80c40a8 to 0x812a178). 

This issue is occurring only in Apache 2.4 32-bit case. With Apache 2.4 64-bit
or Apache 2.2 (both 32-bit & 64-bit), no issues (pool address received by
custom plug-in method is same as the one sent from invoke_cmd method). 

Could you please tell me any changes required in my custom module for Apache
2.4 32-bit with respect to "command_rec"?

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