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From bugzi...@apache.org
Subject [Bug 50146] cross compiling apr error: redefinition of 'struct iovec'
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2012 08:07:42 GMT

kirsche40@gmx.de changed:

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--- Comment #3 from kirsche40@gmx.de ---
I am using following script to configure APR.

export PATH=/opt/eldk/usr/bin:/opt/eldk/bin:$PATH
export CROSS_COMPILE=ppc_82xx-
export  CC=ppc_82xx-gcc
export  LD=ppc_82xx-ld
export  CXX=ppc_82xx-g++
export  AR=ppc_82xx-ar
export  CPP=ppc_82xx-cpp
export  STRIP=ppc_82xx-strip
./configure  \
    --host=ppc-linux \
    --target=ppc-linux \
    --prefix=/opt/eldk/ppc_82xx/usr \
    --build=i686-cross-linux-gnu \
    ac_cv_file__dev_zero=no \
    ac_cv_func_setpgrp_void=no \
    apr_cv_tcp_nodelay_with_cork=no \
    cross_compiling=yes \

The additional variables set to no are necessary because I get all times a
configure error becuase of cross compiling like

checking for /dev/zero... configure: error: cannot check for file existence
when cross compiling 

When I start make I get the following lines:

jddev@m101n11ech:~/Downloads/apr-1.4.6$ make
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/jddev/Downloads/apr-1.4.6'
/bin/bash /home/jddev/Downloads/apr-1.4.6/libtool --silent --mode=compile
-I./include -I/home/jddev/Downloads/apr-1.4.6/include/arch/unix
-I./include/arch/unix -I/home/jddev/Downloads/apr-1.4.6/include/arch/unix
-I/home/jddev/Downloads/apr-1.4.6/include  -o passwd/apr_getpass.lo -c
passwd/apr_getpass.c && touch passwd/apr_getpass.lo
In file included from include/apr_strings.h:52,
                 from passwd/apr_getpass.c:23:
include/apr_want.h:95: redefinition of `struct iovec'
make[1]: *** [passwd/apr_getpass.lo] Fehler 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/jddev/Downloads/apr-1.4.6'
make: *** [all-recursive] Fehler 1

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