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From Roger F <rf301...@gmail.com>
Subject One-time Initialization of in-memory data using a data file
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2017 05:32:54 GMT
I have a use case where application business data needs migrated from a
legacy system (such as mainframe) into HDFS and then loaded for use by an
Apex application.
To get this done, an approach that is being considered to perform one-time
initialization of the data from the HDFS into application memory. This data
will then be queried for various business logic functions of the
Once the data is loaded, this operator/module (?) should no longer perform
any further function except for acting as a master of this data and then
supporting operations to query the data (via a key).
Any pointers to how this can be done ? I was looking for an operator or any
other entity which can load this data at startup (Activation or Setup) and
then allow queries to be submitted to it via an input port.


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