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From "Mukkamula, Suryavamshivardhan (CWM-NR)" <suryavamshivardhan.mukkam...@rbc.com>
Subject RE: Multiple directories
Date Wed, 25 May 2016 15:17:30 GMT
Hello Ram/Team,

My requirement is to read input feeds from different locations on HDFS and parse those files
by reading XML configuration files (each input feed has configuration file which defines the
fields inside the input feeds).

My approach : I would like to define a mapping file which contains individual feed identifier,
feed location , configuration file location. I would like to read this mapping file at initial
load within setup() method and define my DirectoryScan.acceptFiles. Here my challenge is when
I read the files , I should parse the lines by reading the individual configuration files.
How do I know the line is from particular file , if I know this I can read the corresponding
configuration file before parsing the line.

Please let me know how do I handle this.

Surya Vamshi

From: Munagala Ramanath [mailto:ram@datatorrent.com]
Sent: 2016, May, 24 5:49 PM
To: Mukkamula, Suryavamshivardhan (CWM-NR)
Subject: Multiple directories

One way of addressing the issue is to use some sort of external tool (like a script) to
copy all the input files to a common directory (making sure that the file names are
unique to prevent one file from overwriting another) before the Apex application starts.

The Apex application then starts and processes files from this directory.

If you set the partition count of the file input operator to N, it will create N partitions
the files will be automatically distributed among the partitions. The partitions will work
in parallel.


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