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From Vlad Rozov <vro...@apache.org>
Subject Re: following committer guideline when merging PR
Date Sat, 09 Sep 2017 00:35:31 GMT
I cited both, in my first email I cited steps for a committer as it is a 
committer that verifies that a contribution meets a community 
guidelines. In reply back to Sanjay proposal, I cited part of the 
contribution guideline.

IMO, it is not that the wording around JIRA or any other part of the 
contribution guidelines has an ambiguity, both clearly state that JIRA 
must be updated by a contributor and if that was not done, it is a 
committer responsibility to enforce the update before a PR is merged.

Thank you,


On 9/8/17 16:29, Pramod Immaneni wrote:
> Vlad cited committer not contributor guidelines, maybe that is the source
> of the confusion. If the wording in the contribution guidelines on the
> website for contributor responsibilities around JIRA is the cause for the
> ambiguity, let's fix it.
> Thanks
> On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 1:21 PM, Sanjay Pujare <sanjay@datatorrent.com>
> wrote:
>> May be you can help clear the confusion for me. From the contribution
>> guidelines you cited, it looks like it is already the contributor's
>> responsibility to ensure all JIRA fields are correct and update them when
>> the PR is merged.
>> But in your original email you cited apex-malhar PR 669 as an example where
>> the committer overlooked this responsibility. What am I missing?
>> On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 1:01 PM, Vlad Rozov <vrozov@apache.org> wrote:
>>> Sanjay,
>>> Please feel free to propose changes to the existing Apex contribution
>>> guidelines, but prior to doing that I'd strongly recommend all community
>>> members at least to review what already exists and to follow the
>> guidelines
>>> [1]. Additionally, it will be good that the community members understand
>>> how Apache Apex contribution and release processes work, and not simply
>>> engage in voting without engaging into discussion and following existing
>>> guidelines. All this is an indication that except for few individuals the
>>> community is not mature and independent.
>>> Thank you,
>>> Vlad
>>> [1] http://apex.apache.org/contributing.html
>>> "Before starting work, have a JIRA assigned to yourself. If you want to
>>> work on a ticket that is assigned to someone else, send a courtesy e-mail
>>> to the assignee to check if you can take it over. Confirm type, priority
>>> and other JIRA fields (often default values are not the best fit)."
>>> On 9/8/17 11:37, Sanjay Pujare wrote:
>>>> Regarding updating JIRA (item#3) I think it should ideally be the
>>>> contributor's responsibility to update the JIRA with all the required
>>>> fields and not the committer's.
>>>> On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 11:25 AM, Vlad Rozov <v.rozov64@gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>>> item #3. The concern with #661 is with all items that I marked in red in
>>>>> my first email.
>>>>> Thank you,
>>>>> Vlad
>>>>> On 9/8/17 10:48, Pramod Immaneni wrote:
>>>>> What's your concern with #669. It's a fix for a build issue (which you
>>>>>> created) and was approved by two committers. Wasn't getting builds
>>>>>> successful state asap one of your top concerns based on your comments
>>>>>> and
>>>>>> -1 on #569 on core.
>>>>>> On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 9:16 AM, Vlad Rozov <v.rozov64@gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>>>>> Committers,
>>>>>>> Please make sure to follow Apex community guideline when merging
>>>>>>> http://apex.apache.org/contributing.html.
>>>>>>> 1. Ensure that basic requirements for a pull request are met.
>>>>>>>       includes:
>>>>>>>         * Sufficient time has passed for others to review
>>>>>>>         * PR was suffiently reviewed and comments were addressed.
>>>>>>>           Seevoting policy <https://www.apache.org/founda
>>>>>>> tion/voting.html
>>>>>>>> .
>>>>>>>         * When there are multiple reviewers, wait till other
>>>>>>>           approve, with timeout of 48 hours before merging
>>>>>>>         * /If the PR was open for a long time, email dev@ declaring
>>>>>>> intent
>>>>>>>           to merge/
>>>>>>>         * Commit messages and PR title need to reference JIRA
>>>>>>>           requests will be linked to ticket)
>>>>>>>         * /Travis CI and Jenkins pull request build needs to
>>>>>>>         * /Ensure tests are added/modified for new features or
>>>>>>>         * Ensure appropriate JavaDoc comments have been added
>>>>>>>         * Verify contributions don't depend on incompatible licences
>>>>>>>           (seehttps://www.apache.org/legal/resolved.html#category-x)
>>>>>>> 2. Use the github/rebase and merge/option or the git command
line to
>>>>>>>       merge the pull request (see link|view command line options|on
>> the
>>>>>>> PR).
>>>>>>> 3. /Update JIRA after pushing the changes. Set the////|Fix
>>>>>>>       version|////field and resolve the JIRA with proper resolution.
>>>>>>> *Also
>>>>>>>       verify that other fields (type, priority, assignee) are
>> correct*./
>>>>>>> A couple of recent PR merges (#661, #669) to apex-malhar require
>>>>>>> second
>>>>>>> look from the committers.
>>>>>>> Thank you,
>>>>>>> Vlad

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