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From Vlad Rozov <v.ro...@datatorrent.com>
Subject Re: Checkstyle policies with auto generated code
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2017 14:23:47 GMT
+1 for option 3.

Thank you,


On 4/23/17 16:25, Ananth G wrote:
> Hello All,
> Apologies if it is a repost as the earlier email did not seem to go through.
> I have run into a dilemma and would like to know what our policy is to deal
> with the following situation.
> As part of the implementation for Kudu Input operator (
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/APEXMALHAR-2472) , I will be using
> Antlr4 as the parser tool to parse a line of string as an SQL equivalent
> statement to represent the set of tuples that will be streamed out of Kudu
> store to the downstream operators.
> I will post the design once a few things are finalised in a separate
> mailing thread and this mail is more about Checkstyle and Auto generated
> code from tools like Antlr4.
> The design involves in writing a grammar file and let the maven tool
> generate the parser and related code as .java files as part of the build
> process. We only keep maintaining the grammar “.g4” file as part of the
> repository checkins as Kudu functionality evolves. However this brings me
> to the situation wherein the check style fails for the classes that are
> autogenerated. Following are the three options that I think we have and
> would like to get thoughts on what is the best way to go forward.
> *Option 1:* We let the autogenerated code generate code in the
> "target/generated-sources” path. This is the default for the maven antler
> plugin. This however does not pass check style maven plugin as check style
> plugin does check styles for auto-generated code as well. The fix for this
> is to modify check style plugin to only look at “src/“ folder paths as
> opposed “compiled sources”. This works from a build perspective but the
> drawback is that IDEs will not include the “target/generated-sources” for
> class resolution. IDEs do have plugins to resolve this error code but might
> be considered irksome by the developer community.
> *Option 2:* We let Antlr4 code-gen to generate code in the Kudu package
> path and of course checkstlye would fail this as well. The fix is to let
> Checktyle include a “excludes” pattern and make check style ignore all java
> files that represent a pattern of files generated by the Antlr4 code-gen
> tool. There is still an issue that remains to be resolved even if this
> approach is approved by the community. The issue is the tool generates a
> couple of “.token” files that are always placed in the root class path and
> not under the package structure which will pollute the sanity a bit. I am
> still working on this bit as this needs to be resolved.
> *Option 3:* Perhaps the ideal is to let a separate module for kudu from the
> top level to resolve all of the issues ideally ( i.e. token files are
> generated in the kudu module root along with the java sources in the
> correct package structure ) and I guess that is a separate discussion that
> Thomas/Vlad and others are planning to take up as a separate thread in the
> mailing list.
> Could you please let me what you think is the ideal path to pursue ( or if
> there are other alternatives for the use case above )
> Regards,
> Ananth

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