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From Thomas Weise <tho...@datatorrent.com>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] Apache Apex Malhar 3.5.0 released
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2016 01:10:00 GMT
This time with blog post:


Would be good to see more posts. I can add folks to the apex space, let me
know if you want to author something.


On Mon, Sep 5, 2016 at 5:42 PM, Thomas Weise <thw@apache.org> wrote:

> Dear Community,
> The Apache Apex community is pleased to announce release 3.5.0 of the
> Malhar library.
> The release resolved 63 JIRAs and comes with exciting new features and
> enhancements, including:
>  - High level Java stream API now supports stateful transformations with
> Apache Beam style windowing semantics. The demo package (
> https://github.com/apache/apex-malhar/tree/v3.5.0/demos/highlevelapi) has
> examples for usage of the API and an earlier presentation is at
> http://www.slideshare.net/ApacheApex/java-high-level-stream-api
>  - Improvements to underlying state management components for windowing,
> ease of use in custom operators and incremental state saving. Work is
> underway to take this further in the next release, along with benchmarking
> for key cardinality and throughput.
>  - Deduper solves a frequent task in processing stream data, to decide
> whether a given record is a duplicate or not. The documentation explains
> this in detail: http://apex.apache.org/docs/malhar/operators/deduper
>  - JDBC poll operator, another operator frequently required in Apex use
> cases. The operator can function as bounded or unbounded source, is
> idempotent for exactly-once processing and partitionable. An example can be
> found at https://github.com/DT-Priyanka/examples/tree/SPOI-
> 8548-jdbc-poller-example/tutorials/jdbcIngest
>  - Enricher that essentially joins a stream with a lookup source can can
> operate on any POJO object. The user can solve this through configuration
> and does not need to write code for the operator. See documentation and the
> example linked from there: http://apex.apache.org/docs/
> malhar/operators/enricher/
> There are more features, enhancements and fixes is this release, see
> https://s.apache.org/5vQi for full changes.
> Apache Apex is an enterprise grade native YARN big data-in-motion platform
> that unifies stream and batch processing. Apex was built for scalability
> and low-latency processing, high availability and operability.
> Apex provides features that similar platforms currently don’t offer, such
> as fine grained, incremental recovery to only reset the portion of a
> topology that is affected by a failure, support for elastic scaling based
> on the ability to acquire (and release) resources as needed as well as the
> ability to alter topology and operator properties on running applications.
> Apex has been developed since 2012 and became ASF top level project earlier
> this year, following 8 months of incubation. Apex early on brought the
> combination of high throughput, low latency and fault tolerance with strong
> processing guarantees to the stream data processing space and gained
> maturity through important production use cases at several organizations.
> See the powered by page and resources on the project web site for more
> information:
> http://apex.apache.org/powered-by-apex.html
> http://apex.apache.org/docs.html
> The Apex engine is supplemented by Malhar, the library of pre-built
> operators, including adapters that integrate with many existing
> technologies as sources and destinations, like message buses, databases,
> files or social media feeds.
> An easy way to get started with Apex is to pick one of the examples as
> starting point. They cover many common and recurring tasks, such as data
> consumption from different sources, output to various sinks, partitioning
> and fault tolerance:
> https://github.com/DataTorrent/examples/tree/master/tutorials
> Apex Malhar and Core (the engine) are separate repositories and releases.
> We expect more frequent releases of Malhar to roll out new connectors and
> other operators based on a stable engine API. This release 3.5.0 works on
> existing Apex Core 3.4.0. Users only need to upgrade the Maven dependency
> in their project.
> The source release can be found at:
> http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.lua/apex/apache-apex-malhar-3.5.0/
> or visit:
> http://apex.apache.org/downloads.html
> We welcome your help and feedback. For more information on the project and
> how to get involved, visit our website at:
> http://apex.apache.org/
> Regards,
> The Apache Apex community

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