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From "Chetan Narsude (cnarsude)" <cnars...@cisco.com>
Subject Re: Shading Guava In Apex
Date Wed, 25 Nov 2015 23:28:03 GMT

>But here, we depend on Hadoop so we cannot isolate it.

User does not necessarily depend on Hadoop. The platform pulls the Hadoop
dependency into application code irrespective of user's influence. The
platform also pulls in other non-hadoop related N random dependencies from
application's perspective.

The complexity comes from the effort needed to refactor parts of the code
to isolate the UDF and its dependencies from platform dependencies. It¹s a
very large initiative (that¹s where the motivation part comes) but not an
impossible one.

Shading is a shady approach but it¹s an easy way out at smaller scale. At
larger scale it starts foraying into the pain around application
jar/platform jar deployment discussion and JVM PermGen memory issues.


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