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From "Chetan Narsude (cnarsude)" <cnars...@cisco.com>
Subject Re: Extent of attention to code style in code reviews
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2015 03:47:36 GMT

>IMO It might be best to be a little tolerant when it come to code
>formatting as if you¹re too strict you'll make it harder for people to

I don¹t think it¹s being too strict. It¹s making sure that a pull request
meets the quality bar set using the automated tools. If this bar is being
realized to be too high, then just the way it was voted in (it happened
pre apex days I think), it should be voted low and lowered for everyone.

Leaving it to individual interpretation will certainly leave some
population less than satisfied. The issue that Vlad has raised seems to be
the exact same issue - some committer(s) implemented subjective policy
overruling the checks for the bar.

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