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From Szymon Danielczyk <>
Subject Re: Call for Vocabularies
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2012 08:31:09 GMT
One place I would look for candidates would be

Another one would be to look which one are supported by default by big
players e.g. virtuoso

I would say we should consider these lists as valuable hints
which vocabularies we should support/add in the future


On 13 September 2012 15:38, Lewis John Mcgibbney
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> We currently have a number of vocabularies which are used by the
> various extractors. I am however working on the construction of legal
> ontologies such as [0] (my specific interests are within the fields of
> design, engineering and construction legislation) and therefore will
> be adding various vocabularies over the next while for my project.
> I recently opened a ticket [0] (which I've yet to finish) which
> proposed the addition of the DOAP vocabulary to the Any23 vocab
> package however I wonder if now is a good time to gather ideas
> relating to any other additional vocabularies which users would like
> integrated into Any23 for extraction of structured data?
> So far we support the following vocab's
> CSV     - This vocabulary models the structure of a CSV file according
> the RFC 4180.
> DCTERMS - The DCTERMS vocabulary.
> DOAC - The Description Of A Career vocabulary.
> Excel - The MS Excel extractor vocabulary.
> FOAF - The Fried Of A Friend vocabulary.
> GEO - The GEO Names vocabulary.
> HLISTING - Class modeling the hListing vocabulary.
> HRECIPE         -Vocabulary to map the hRecipe microformat.
> ICAL - Vocabulary definitions from ical.rdf
> OGP -The Open Graph Protocol vocabulary.
> RDFSchemaUtils -This class provides a set of methods for generating RDF Schema.
> REVIEW - Vocabulary definitions from vocabularies/review.rdf
> SCHEMAORG -Vocabulary definition for
> SINDICE -This class models an internal Sindice Vocabulary to describe
> resource domains and Microformat nesting relationships.
> VCARD -Vocabulary definitions from vcard.owl
> Vocabulary -Base class for the definition of a vocabulary.
> WO      - This class models the BBC Wildlife Ontology.
> XFN     - Vocabulary class for XFN, as per Expressing XFN in RDF.
> XHTML - The XHTML vocabulary.
> with the following proposed
> DOAP - an XML/RDF vocabulary to describe software projects, and in
> particular open source projects.
> Would be great to hear any suggestions
> Best
> Lewis
> [0]
> --
> Lewis

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