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From Tim Potter <>
Subject Mircodata empty content handling.
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2012 11:15:59 GMT
   We've noticed that while extracting Microdata propItems, elements with missing, empty or
whitespace string values results in an IllegalArgumentException being thrown.

HTML that trigger this could be one of:

<span itemprop="nameA"></span>

<meta itemprop="nameB">

<meta itemprop="nameC" content="  ">

The code explicitly check for this condition in ItemPropValue.itemPropValue():

if(content instanceof String && ((String) content).trim().length() == 0) {

    throw new IllegalArgumentException("Invalid content '" + content + "'");


Is this correct behavior?  Is it not possible that some properties could legally have an empty
string as a value?  I looked at the RFC and it seems that having no value should be treated
as an empty string, but it doesn't state that empty values are illegal.

  Tim P.

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