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From Tim Potter <>
Subject Re: Too many tuples!!
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2012 09:44:43 GMT
Hi Lewis,
   Maybe the pages has been modified slightly since I copied that snippet.  If you search
for '1180903W' in the page source you should find the entry.    I guest the easiest
way to reproduce the problem is to run:

 'any23tools Rover'

It returns somewhere in the order of a million tuples.

I found switching off the nested triple production ('any23tools Rover Cn http.') returns
a lot less. Like a few thousand.

Like I said, I don't have enough experience with RDF to know if what Any23 is extracting is
correct.  Just seems like a lot of tuples..

Thanks for your help.

  Tim P.

From: Lewis John Mcgibbney <<>>
Reply-To: "<>"
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2012 23:19:11 +0100
To: "<>" <<>>
Subject: Re: Too many tuples!!

Hi Tim,

I've just picked this up, it got lost in my filters.

2012/3/30 Tim Potter <<>>

With regards to the link to the above URL and the source below, I can't find snippet below
in the above page!!! Can you please check and confirm for me.

Given the HTML Snippet:

<a href=";params=34_22_41_N_118_09_03_W_&amp;title=LA-04-LS<>"
class="external text" rel="nofollow" style="white-space: normal;">

<span class="geo-default">

<span title="Maps, aerial photos, and other data for this location" class="geo-dms">

<span class="latitude">342241N</span>

<span class="longitude">1180903W</span>



<span class="geo-multi-punct">&#65279; / &#65279;</span>

<span class="geo-nondefault">

<span class="vcard">

<span title="Maps, aerial photos, and other data for this location" class="geo-dec">34.37806N

<span style="display: none">

&#65279; /

<span class="geo">34.37806; -118.15083</span>


<span style="display: none">

&#65279; (

<span class="fn org">LA-04-LS</span>






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