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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: [][] Apache Any23
Date Sat, 05 Oct 2013 12:11:58 GMT
On 04/10/13 23:31, lewis john mcgibbney wrote:
> Hi Board@,
> Having missed last months report, this months report is rather peculiar
> in the sense that we are at crossroad within the very few (active)
> members of the community as to where to take the project.
> Progress has been very very slow. There have been a couple of new users
> of the software but the community, for all intent and means, has been
> unable to help them on mailing list. It is therefore sad that new users
> questions have gone virtually unanswered... which is a real pity.
> This email I suppose serves to act as a direct line of communicating the
> current community position within Apache Any23. This is not the first
> time that the attic has been mentioned.
> It is also important to say that we intend to approach the Apache Tika
> community in an attempt to invoke motivation behind merging some/all of
> the Any23 codebase into Apache Tika as there are numerous areas which
> one could define as being of common interest to both projects. I am
> kicking off this discussion on dev@tika.a.o after I close this thread.
> If a formal report in the usual structure is required then I will be
> more than happy to post it here, however in all honesty there is
> literally zilch to report.
> Thanks
> Lewis

This is tricky.

Quiet !=> attic.
"attic" implies to me a sense of "don't use".

This isn't the only project in the state of low activity in the dev 
community but with active use.

I think there is a more general ASF issue about "small" projects here; I 
can't properly articulate it but something about being in "primarily 
maintence mode", still in use, still useful, but having possibly having 
difficulty getting 3 +1's in the same time interval.  People are around, 
but with synchronization difficulties due to other things to do.

Many of the processes and the culture here at ASF are, quite reasonably 
and necessarily, centered on large and/or active projects, yet there is 
an important role for code to remain live even if not changing much.

Maybe it's just being more relaxed about reports that say "nothing went 
wrong this quarter".


"small" can still be a lot of code.  "small" community.

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