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From Lewis John Mcgibbney <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Community Conformation Regarding Move to Git for Any23
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2013 19:20:29 GMT
Hi All,

I want to discuss the proposal to shortly hold a VOTE on the migration to
Git for Any23. Please read the following

As you may have noticed, Peter and myself have been pushing to make the
transition to Git for source code storage and management.
Currently the existing Any23 SVN repos [1] is READ only, meaning that we
cannot make the 0.8.0 release. The scheduling for this was mainly my fault
as I opened the initial INFRA ticket [0] asking for migration to take place.
Anyway, we have been advised to look at the proposed Git repos [2] and make
a VOTE as to whether this reflects
1) An accurate depiction of what we currently have within [1]
2) That it includes all other required directories within the root Any23
SVN repos [3]

The VOTE will be solely on the above criteria and will be open for at least
72 hours. I would like to add that it is pretty important (and bordering on
crucial) that we get reasonable feedback on this, also that as many of us
as possible chime in to review/observe/identify discrepancies at this stage
in the migration to Git for Any23. THIS THREAD IS NOT THE VOTE THREAD.

Within the existing Any23 SVN repository we have several directories which
are not currently contained within the proposed Git repos. I now account
for why this is the case.

   1. /branches - this is empty. So far we have not branched any Any23
   codebase to work on as all development has been in trunk.
   2. /committers - most importantly this includes the committers KEYS
   file, technically meaning that only Simone and myself can push releases at
   this stage unless of course others with to add their KEY to this file. Also
   the DOAP file is in here and it is important that we keep this up to date.
   3. /repo - this seems to be a legacy Any23 repos which we do not need,
   but which is doing no harm being in SVN
   4. /repo-ext - this is a repos for external dependencies which HAVE NOT
   been released yet. The artifact causing the problem here is commons-csv. I
   spoke to commons community and they have confirmed that they are nearly
   ready to do a release on this library so I am going to head over there and
   help push this on so we do not need to hang on to this repos within Any23.
   5. /sandbox - this looks like legacy and we DO NOT need it
   6. /site - our beloved Any23 site. It is essential that we keep some
   aspect of this writable, however I would like to suggest that we keep this
   in SVN like trafficserver does [4]
   7. /tags - I think we should push the tags to the Git repos
   8. This is from the old google code site. We DO NOT need this in Git.

These are the observations I have made, I am very keen to hear your
thoughts and I apologize for the slight cock up in getting things migrated
in a timely, smooth manner. I did not envisage the above occurring.




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