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From Lewis John Mcgibbney <>
Subject Re: Moving towards releasing any23-0.8.0
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2013 05:57:01 GMT
Hi Peter,

On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 8:33 PM, Peter Ansell <>wrote:

> Hi all,
> I triaged the issue list today, as you may have noticed by the mass of
> emails, to postpone some issues to 0.9.0. This is to enable us to
> release 0.8.0 sooner, given the length of time since the 0.7.0 release
> so far.

Thanks for this. It is pretty time consuming to say the least. I noticed
that we also cleaned up/resolved/marked as not valid a good few issues as
well which is always nice :0)
For future reference, you can do batch changes to issue fields and can also
mark to be silent so that the list doesn't get informed, however on this
occasion I think it was best that we all can see what is on the agenda for
the 0.8.0 release so thank you.

> After the triage there were 16 remaining issues to be fixed for 0.8.0:

Now 17... what a difference a day or two makes!

> 6 of the remaining bugs include bugs related to Lev Khomich's
> RDFa/Semargl proposal:
>      ANY23-137 RDFa parser implementation proposal
>      ANY23-136 Some RDFa tests have incorrect expected results
>      ANY23-100 Issue with RDFa extractor while processing nested properties
>      ANY23-135 Any23 RDFa Extractor ignores multiple prefix and
> property statements
>      ANY23-65 Update to RDFa extraction stylesheet
>      ANY23-128 html-rdfa11 extractor fails on mailto: anchors

We can hopefully integrate Lev's patch proposal(s) which will resolve the
above. I suppose this is blocked by the release of the smargl library
correct? What tome scale are we looking at for this?

> Of the other bugs there is only one that currently stands out as a
> blocker that we must fix to verify the release is working well:
>      ANY23-140 Revise Any23 tests to remove fetching of web content
> Many of the outstanding issues are still unassigned, and could still
> be postponed if they are not critical to the release.

Yes +1. Currently we use some kind of embedded Jetty server during the
build/testing, therefore I wonder if off the top of anyone head they would
know how to configure the server for serving static content? We are talking
literally three or four files (and as many test cases) which are the devil
'live' cases which present us with unstable builds.
I am not overly familiar with Jetty API so as of writing I don't know how
to serve static content from the configuration we currently have, however I
can't imagine it would be difficult.

> Does anyone have a goal date for releasing 0.8.0 that we could
> reasonably achieve?
> Personally, I would really like to see us push an 0.8.0 release sometime
soon. I think the community requires one as we have struggled slightly
(which is only natural) to progress since leaving the incubator. On the
positive side, the fundamental modularization and restructuring of Any23
(along with the other contributions) has been excellent. We need to push
this out and get others using the artifacts.


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