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From Peter Ansell <>
Subject Re: Project proposal : Linda.
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2012 19:49:40 GMT
On 19 November 2012 04:16, Andy Seaborne <> wrote:
> Information:
> [[
> Apache Linda incubation proposal
> Status
> Proposal still under edition/discussion.
> Abstract
> Linda is the LINked DAta platform for industry-strength installations.
> Proposal
> The goal of Apache Linda is to provide an open implementation of a Linked
> Data Platform that can be used, extended, and deployed easily by
> organizations who want to publish Linked Data or build custom applications
> on Linked Data. Linda will follow the core recommendations of the W3C on
> RDF, SPARQL and Linked Data publishing, particularly the emerging Linked
> Data Platform (LDP) recommendation [1]. It will also offer extensions for
> frequently needed additional functionalities like Linked Data Querying,
> WebID, WebACL, Reasoning, and Versioning. Linda aims to cover both, Linked
> Open Data, as well as Enterprise Linked Data scenarios, providing facilities
> to deal with different data sources and requirements (small data/big data,
> open access/restricted access, etc).
> ]]
> Discussion now on general@incubator -- (the name is being commented on).
>         Andy

Hi all,

Looking through the proposal showed up a nice set of Sesame Rio
Parsers that are implemented by the Salzburg group that Any23 might be
able to pick up and run with, as they are licensed under Apache-2.0
[1]. Looks like they were created, (or at least open sourced,) for
Kiwi/LMF/Linda but they have been released under a separate project at

The following list are the current set of modules that they provide:


For the JSONLD module they are wrapping up Tristan King's JSONLD-Java
library from GitHub [2] in a similar way to other wrappers such as the
one from the Clark Parsia group [3].




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