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From Rick Hillegas <>
Subject Re: generating module-aware javadoc with ant
Date Sat, 02 Jun 2018 17:53:59 GMT
Thanks for responding so quickly, Stefan.

On 6/2/18 9:47 AM, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> On 2018-06-02, Rick Hillegas wrote:
>> I don't see any module attributes or nested elements documented for
>> the <javadoc> task here:
>> Googling around
>> doesn't tease out any more information on how to generate module-aware
>> javadoc with ant.
> So far it seems it hasn't been missed by anybody.
>> I can generate module-aware javadoc by using the <exec> task.
> If you know how to do it with exec then you can use the nested <arg> of
> the <javadoc> task instead.
I have tried converting the <exec> call into a <javadoc> call by using 
nexted <arg> elements as you suggest. But no joy. I have attached a 
little ant-based project to demonstrate my problem. The "javadoc" target 
uses <exec>. The "javadoc2" target attempts but fails to use <javadoc>.
>> 2) Are module attributes and nested elements on the roadmap for a
>> future ant version?
> I must admit I haven't even looked at the javaodc changes for modules
> myself at all. Had a quick look right now.
> What do you think would be a good set of args to support?
> --expand-requires => attribute with values transitive/all
> --limit-modules => nested element
> --module => nested element
> --module-path => nested path element
> --module-source-path => nested path element
> --show-module-contents => attribute with api/all
> Do we need --add-modules and --upgrade-module-path at all? Even any of
> the "extended options"?
I'm afraid that I'm just at the beginning of understanding the 
module-related changes which were made to javadoc in JDK 9. The javadoc 
reference manual gives frustratingly terse descriptions of how the new 
switches behave. Very little additional information appears when when I 
google for examples of how to use these switches from the command line.

As you can see from the "javadoc" target in the attached tarball, 
--module and --module-source-path were enough to document a simple project.

> Stefan
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