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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject [ANN] Apache Compress Antlib 1.5 Released
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2017 11:56:27 GMT
Hash: SHA1

The Apache Compress Antlib offers tasks and types for archive and
compression formats. It supports gzip, xz, pack200, lzma, snappy, Unix
.Z, DEFLATE, LZ4, Brotli and bzip2 compression and ar, arj, cpio, tar,
Unix dump, 7z and zip archives.

Version 1.5 catches up with Apache Commons Compress 1.14 and adds
tasks and re-sources for LZ4 and DEFLATE, read-only support for Brotli
and write-support for Snappy and LZMA on top of the read-support
provided by verion 1.4 of this antlib.

Support for the XZ and LZMA compression formats is based on the XZ for
Java library of the Tukaani Project[1], which is required at runtime in
addition to Commons Compress.  Some 7z archives will require LZMA
support and thus XZ for Java as well.

Support for Brotli compression is based on Google's brotli dec
library[2], which is required at runtime in addition to Commons

The full list of changes:

Changes that Could Break Older Environments:

* The coordinates inside the Ivy file have been changed to match those
  of the POM.

* The Apache Compress Antlib now requires Apache Commons Compress 1.14
  or later for 7z, DEFLATE, LZ4 and write support for LZMA and
  Snappy. XZ for Java 1.6 or later is required for write support for
  LZMA. Brotli dec 0.1.2 or later is required for Brotli support. As a
  side effect the Compress Antlib now requires Java 7 at runtime as this
  is required by Commons Compress 1.14.

Other Changes:

* A new keepCompression flag can be used to keep the content compression
  methods the same they have been when updating a 7z archive or adding
  entries from a sevenzfileset.
* Multiple content compression/encryption/filter methods can now be
  specified via nested elements of the sevenz task.
* The gzip task has a new attribute that controls the level of
  BugZilla Issue 52414
* Added write support for the LZMA format.

* Added support for the DEFLATE format with and without ZLIB headers.

* Added write support for the Snappy format.

* Added support for the LZ4 format.

* Added read-only support for the Brotli format.

Source and binary distributions are available from the Apache Ant
download site:


Please verify signatures using the KEYS file available at the above
location when downloading the release.

For complete information on the Compress Antlib, including instructions
on how to submit bug reports, patches, or suggestions for improvement,
see the Apache Compress Antlib website:

Stefan Bodewig, on behalf of the Apache Ant community

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