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From Jan Matèrne (jhm) <>
Subject AW: AW: build_tools.jar missing
Date Tue, 08 Sep 2015 06:03:06 GMT
The manifest task is available as <manifest> and is part of the core Ant distribution.
The definition is in org\apache\tools\ant\taskdefs\
That class is in ant.jar.

Googling for "build_tools.jar" gave me just this hint:
"How do I create a profile for bukkit or spigot?

  I'm still verifying on my end the legality of actually linking 
  to usable spigot jars (bukkit are a no-go), because as best as 
  I can tell so far...I'm definitely not supposed to link spigot 
  jars. Instead, I'm permitted to link the build_tools.jar, which 
  then downloads vanilla minecraft and then constructs the 
  completed jar. This isn't a trivial task to automate, though, 
  and seeing as how it will use up all the CPU power in compilation 
  and downloading for quite a while, I feel like it shouldn't be 
  treated simply like a download (as other profiles are).

  That said, if you want to use either of these, you'd have to 
  build the jars manually or download it somewhere in its completed 
  form, such as from and place it in your 
  server's directory (/var/games/minecraft/servers/yourserver)."

Not sure if that something you want ...

As Earl suggested: describe your goals and we could help.
Just this small snippet may be too small ;)


> -----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: Earl Hood []
> Gesendet: Dienstag, 8. September 2015 02:40
> An: Ant Users List
> Betreff: Re: AW: build_tools.jar missing
> On Mon, Sep 7, 2015 at 5:48 PM, Martin Gainty wrote:
> >
> But you are not using that task, you are trying to define a new task:
> >> > <taskdef name="manifest-version"
> >> >            classname="ManifestVersion"
> >> >            classpath="..\build_tools.jar" />
> >> >
> >> > cannot find ManifestVersion
> >> > cannot find build_tools.jar
> The <taskdef> you have tries to define a new task called "manifest-
> version", which is implemented with the class "ManifestVersion" which
> is to be found in the jar build_tools.jar.
> Apparently, the file build_tools.jar is not present, or not found in
> the relative location you provided.  I would question using a classname
> that is in the default package space.
> Since it appears you are confused on how to utilize existing tasks and
> define new tasks in Ant, you may get better help if post what you are
> trying to achieve.
> --ewh
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