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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: WELCOME to
Date Sun, 14 Jun 2015 19:15:53 GMT
On 2015-06-14, aalok singhvi wrote:

> I tried using "deleteonexit" and it is know allowing me to delete something
> of the jars but not allowing me to delete 2 directories. It says the once
> Ant JVM is terminated it can be deleted.

This is what I described.  This happens if the JVM has opened the files
and closed them again.  For some reason the JVM on Windows and the OS
disagree on whether the file is closed, there isn't anything you can do
but either ensure the files are never opened in the first place or exit
the VM.

> Can we terminate ant jvm and restart once this delete is completed. I know
> its a stupid question but just wanted to see if you have seen this before
> by any chance.

This would mean you'd need two separate build steps with two separate
invocations of Ant.  Something like

| > ant update-jars
| > ant do-what-I-really-wanted-to-do

That would probably work.  Maybe you don't need to check for updates all
the time?  An in-buildfile way would be to execute Ant from inside Ant
using <java fork="true">, but that's not straight forward either.

> Let me check if I can extract a small build. i will need to get approvals
> on that.

That would be good.


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