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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: WELCOME to
Date Sun, 14 Jun 2015 17:08:43 GMT
[please don't drop the user list from replies]

On 2015-06-14, aalok singhvi wrote:

> When i use verbose to print errors.... its gives certain info as follows...

> It errors out on ant taskdef delete handle
> line 720, 769 765 and 586.

It owuld be better if you could paste the full stack trace - and even
more important - tell us the exact version of Ant you are using (output
of "ant -version")

> I am on Win7.

On Windows files may be locked by processes that have opened it - which
includes Ant itself, so this means you may run into trouble of you try
to remove something that has been touched by Ant before.

> I am deleting this file before it is copied over to the project and used in
> classpath.

If it was part of your CLASSPATH environment variable, Java would load
it when starting Ant and there is no chance for Ant to remove it.

I'm not sure how you copy the file after you've deleted it :-)

If you copy the file (using Ant) before trying to delete it, the file
may still be considered open by Windows.  This is a known problem and
Ant tries to work around it by registering the file as "deleteOnExit".
Even with 1.7.0 you should see a message about "This attempts to delete
the file when the Ant jvm has exited and might not succeed" in this


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