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From "Stranzenbach, Ralf" <>
Subject Acessing ANTs execution graph
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2015 08:50:39 GMT

i have a fairly complex build system that recently introduces some additional compexity. To
describe my problem, i'll sketch a very simplified Ant build:


    <target name="clean" depends="-clean" />

    <extension-point name="-clean" />

    <target name="init" depends="-init" />

    <extension-point name="-init" />

    <target name="compile" depends="-compile" />

    <extension-point name="-compile" depends="-init" />

    <target name="install" depends="-install" />

    <extension-point name="-install" depends="-compile" />

    <target name="recompile" depends="-recompile" />

    <extension-point name="-recompile" depends="-clean, -compile" />


This basic structure of the ANT file is required, because all extension-points are extended
by specific implementatiosn for various implementation languages (including PL/I and COBOL).

This way i was able to maintain structured and standardized procedures, to generate the artifacts
based on the varous sources.

Recently we tried to include that "recompile" step, that introduces a different "clean" semantic.
Therefore i've implemented the "clean semantics as follows:

    <target name="std-clean" extensionOf="-clean">

        <echo>Std. Clean</echo>


    <target name="recompile-clean" extensionOf="-clean" if="is.Recompile" >

        <echo>Additional behaviour for recompile</echo>


    <target name="-recompile-switch">

        <property name="is.Recompile" value="true" />


And the "-recompile" Target was extended this way:

    <target name="recompile" depends="-recompile-switch, -recompile" />

While this solution - in principle - activates "-recompile-switch" just before executing "-clean",
this is not guaranteed by ANT. The ANT documentation states, that this dependcy declaration
just states, that "-recompile-switch" will be activated BEFORE recompile executes, but it
does not guarantee the order of execution for "-recompile-switch" and "-recompile".

In my case, the "-clean" targets activates, before "-recompile-switch" has any chance to execute.
(Sometime it works, sometime it fails. But it's backed by ANTs definition.)

Now my question(s):


    Are there any ways to define the order of execution to guarantee an optional task just
like "-recompile-switch" to execute at the right moment?

    Is there any way using the Java API to the ANT core to inspect the execution graph?
    Instead of injecting a target setting switch into the execution graph, it might by suitable
to look up the chain of target execution to get an idea wich main target is active.

Unfortunately it is impossible to manipulate the execution graph at runtime, conditionally
<import>ing different extesions.

A interim solution using <antcall> is in place.

    <target name="recompile">

        <antcall target="-recompile" inheritAll="true">

            <param name="is.Recompile" value="true" />



But ths solution requires a complete re-evaluation of the complete set of ANT build filles
which takes a long time and is not applicable in any case.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Ralf Edmund Stranzenbach
Manager, FS-Technology

Management & Technology Consultants

Karl-Arnold-Platz 1
Düsseldorf 40474

T + 49 211 17143 6038
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F + 49 211 17143 6060
BearingPoint GmbH
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Kiumars Hamidian, Matthias Loebich, Kai Wächter, Dr. Robert Wagner
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Sitz: Frankfurt am Main
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