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From "Kimpton, C (Chris)" <>
Subject RE: Resource collections - Linux vs. windows
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2014 15:30:05 GMT
Good idea.  

It initially worked ok, when the directories were empty, but when I added files to each (touch
steps below), that caused the script to not delete any files.

And now I see that it does not work on Windows either ...  my tests used empty directories.

Does this sound like a bug or am I missing some subtlety around resource collections/dirset
and non-empty subdirectories...

Thanks in advance.

Here is my test file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project name="resource-collection-delete-sample" default="tryit">

    <property name="test-dir" value="${basedir}/testdata"/>

    <target name="setup-files">
        <delete dir="${test-dir}"/>
        <mkdir dir="${test-dir}"/>
        <mkdir dir="${test-dir}/xxfile1"/>
        <mkdir dir="${test-dir}/1"/>
        <touch file="${test-dir}/1/test"/>
        <sleep milliseconds="100" />
        <mkdir dir="${test-dir}/2"/>
        <touch file="${test-dir}/2/test"/>
        <sleep milliseconds="100" />
        <mkdir dir="${test-dir}/3"/>
        <touch file="${test-dir}/3/test"/>
        <sleep milliseconds="100" />
        <mkdir dir="${test-dir}/4"/>
        <touch file="${test-dir}/4/test"/>
        <sleep milliseconds="100" />
        <mkdir dir="${test-dir}/5"/>
        <touch file="${test-dir}/5/test"/>
        <sleep milliseconds="100" />
        <mkdir dir="${test-dir}/6"/>
        <touch file="${test-dir}/6/test"/>
        <sleep milliseconds="100" />
        <touch file="${test-dir}/44" />
        <sleep milliseconds="100" />
        <!-- create some files -->

    <target name="delete-files">
        <!-- delete all but last few old release directories -->
        <resources id="resource-all-dirs">
            <dirset dir="${test-dir}" >
                <filename regex="^\d+$" />
        <resources id="resource-last-3-dirs">
            <last count="3">
                    <dirset dir="${test-dir}" >
                        <filename regex="^\d+$" />
                    <date />
        <delete verbose="true">
                <resources refid="resource-all-dirs"/>
                <resources refid="resource-last-3-dirs" />

    <target name="tryit" depends="setup-files, delete-files">


-----Original Message-----
From: Matt Benson [] 
Sent: 11 February 2014 14:15
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Re: Resource collections - Linux vs. windows

Can you expand your example into a self-contained example that builds up an appropriate structure
first, then still fails on Linux?


On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 2:21 AM, Kimpton, C (Chris) <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a target that is trying to delete some directories, all but the 
> last few.  It works as expected (I believe - it deletes files when
> expected) on my dev box (windows), but is not deleting anything on the 
> build server (Linux):
> It builds up 2 resource collections - one for all directories and one 
> for the last few and then does a delete based on the difference.
>         <resources id="resource-all-dirs">
>             <dirset dir="${release-base-dir}" >
>                 <filename regex="^\d+$" />
>             </dirset>
>         </resources>
>         <resources id="resource-last-3-dirs">
>             <last count="4">
>                 <sort>
>                     <dirset dir="${release-base-dir}" >
>                         <filename regex="^\d+$" />
>                     </dirset>
>                     <date />
>                 </sort>
>             </last>
>         </resources>
>         <delete verbose="true">
>             <difference>
>                 <resources refid="resource-all-dirs"/>
>                 <resources refid="resource-last-3-dirs" />
>             </difference>
>         </delete>
> I have tried running with debug and/or verbose but that does not seem 
> to add anything.  Using version 1.9.3.
> Any tips on how to track down the issue?
> Cheers,
> Chris
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