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From "Scot P. Floess" <>
Subject RE: AW: AW: problem with ftp
Date Sat, 30 Nov 2013 05:51:36 GMT


I've been on this list a long time and know that Jan has helped
a ton of people.  Pretty darn cold and condescending to treat
someone who -was- trying to help.

I use to post help often when I had the time...but haven't in days
of late.  I can tell you seeing someone come to this list seeking
free help and responding in such an ungrateful manor deserves to
be ignored in the future.  I'm thankful now I didn't have any free
time to bother looking into your problem.

Perhaps some etiquette such as "thank you" but the problem was "fill in
the blank" would have been more appropriate?


Just sticking up for you here...this person doesn't deserve your help...


On Fri, 29 Nov 2013, David Coleman wrote:

> thank you but I have found the issue.  Someone who actually read what I posted and didn't
focus on irrelevant matters pointed out that if my target file was in the /deploy directory,
then my include did not need to include the "deploy" folder again.
> Thank you for worrying so much about optimizing my build but i assure you, the answer
was there for you to see if you had taken the time to actually listen to me.
> Apparently for some reason ANT decided to read garbage out of somewhere - memory/disk/somewhere
- and then decided to parse it.
> It certainly should have thrown a different error, since NO PROPERTIES were actually
involved.  like i said.
> thank you again.  hopefully this will teach you to not dismiss people so casually.
>> From:
>> To:
>> Subject: AW: AW: problem with ftp
>> Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 08:47:48 +0100
>>> and i specifically stated:
>>>>> I have absolutely NO variables in my macrodef.
>> I could see that. But the error message "Syntax error in property:" make me thought
that something is wrong with properties.
>>> "checkAntCommons" and "checkJakartaOro" check for the libraries that
>>> are required for the FTP task.  they are totally irrelevant.
>> If they are totally irrelevant - have you tried to strip down your build code?
>> Just remove the safety at the moment and delete all instructions that are not required,
e.g. availability checks of external libs, additional settings in the ftp task ...
>>> I'm not going to provide our whole build xml file on an open forum.  I
>>> provided the pieces that an experienced person will need to help me
>>> with this very strange issue.
>> While I can understand that you wont to post the whole build file.
>> But you asked for help and dont want to provide further information an "experienced
person" may need?
>>> I am running with -d.  it shows nothing, i get the debug output and
>>> then when it starts to send the file, it blows up complaining about a
>>> ${***GARBAGE*** property.
>>> trust me the ONLY call to the <ftp/> task is the code you see below.
>> Then again - strip your code to the absolute minimum.
>> In my own maintenance script of a homepage I use
>> <ftp server="" userid="user" password="password" remotedir="my/remote/dir">
>>     <fileset dir="source" excludes="${excludes}" includes="${includes}">
>>         <modified/>
>>     </fileset>
>> </ftp>
>> Jan
>>>> From:
>>>> To:
>>>> Subject: AW: problem with ftp
>>>> Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 06:54:00 +0100
>>>> My first thought is that you are setting a property with a strange
>>> name.
>>>> Could you run with "-d"? Maybe the debug output gives more hints.
>>>> While just reading the macrodef I couldnt find something suspect ...
>>>> You are calling checkAntCommons and checkJakartaOro targets. I dont
>>> know what happens there (or in the target from where you call
>>> deployHoftest).
>>>> Jan
>>>>> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
>>>>> Von: David Coleman []
>>>>> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 28. November 2013 20:35
>>>>> An:
>>>>> Betreff: problem with ftp
>>>>> hello list!
>>>>> I have an issue with my ftp task in ANT 1.9.1
>>>>> here is my ftp task:
>>>>>     <macrodef name="deployHoftest" description="Deploy lobby to
>>>>> hoftest">
>>>>>         <sequential>
>>>>>             <antcall target="checkAntCommons"/>
>>>>>             <antcall target="checkJakartaOro"/>
>>>>>             <ftp userid="dave" password="*******"
>>>>>                 server="164.177.*********"
>>>>>                 remotedir="/hoftest/assets/lobby"
>>>>>                 port="21"
>>>>>                 verbose="true"
>>>>>                 action="send"
>>>>>                 passive="yes"
>>>>>                 systemTypeKey="UNIX"
>>>>>                >
>>>>>                 <fileset dir="./deploy">
>>>>>                     <includesfile name="deploy/Lobby.swf"/>
>>>>>                 </fileset>
>>>>>             </ftp>
>>>>>         </sequential>
>>>>>     </macrodef>
>>>>>     <target name="deploy" description="deploy lobby files">
>>>>>         <deployHoftest/>
>>>>>     </target>
>>>>> I know that i successfully connect to my server because I get a
>>>>> login error if i change the password, and i get my problem if i put
>>>>> the right password.  I also connect via filezilla all the time.  it
>>>>> is not an issue of concurrent connections, because i have no limit.
>>>>> when i run this task i get the following output:
>>>>> f:\var\projects\hof\\lobby\trunk>ant
>>>>> deploy
>>>>> Buildfile: f:\var\projects\hof\svn2.-----------------
>>>>> .com\lobby\trunk\build.xml
>>>>> deploy:
>>>>> checkAntCommons:
>>>>>      [echo] checking for F:\bin\ant\lib/commons-net-1.4.1.jar
>>>>>      [echo] ANT commons-net library is available
>>>>> checkJakartaOro:
>>>>>      [echo] checking for F:\bin\ant\lib/jakarta-oro-2.0.8.jar
>>>>>      [echo] jakarta-oro library is available
>>>>>       [ftp] sending files
>>>>> f:\var\projects\hof\svn2.-----------------------
>>>>> .com\lobby\trunk\build.xml:324: The following error occurred while
>>>>> executing this line:
>>>>> f:\var\projects\hof\svn2.-----------------------
>>>>> .com\lobby\trunk\build.xml:309: Syntax error in property:
>>> ${☺c6W∟5⌂[6▄≈☻wä5↓╚╞K▐Bd≡6?k╥<╞:èbE▒9≡'╗î£Θ┼è├≤╘r≤?öæCu½╞╖§Σ♦ç▓(σⁿ.?
>>>>> n≡P ßΘéK┼♣ΣRq!╣T,ò■Ä╠W3║»æ ?√i ╩↑↓UQa{σ▼î¼≈Lpt■┼Ç☻/α┐┘D`╬!`8&├
>>> òƒ☺Üj▲?╔☺♦1Q.ô²¢┴┌Ça£∙▒∙Oækñcl╜vÑl^)w╠G╒╠gäêyPε╘╟7░═µu╚¡I┐N6»º4%▒ƺ≥
>>>>> á=⌂
>>>>> î5←7╚µ
>>>>> Total time: 3 seconds
>>>>> I have absolutely NO variables in my macrodef.  It appears to me
>>>>> that for some reason ANT is trying to parse replacements in the
>>>>> binary data of the file I'm trying to transfer.  I am not an ANT
>>>>> guru, but something here seems very very very wrong.
>>>>> Am I doing something wrong guys?
>>>>> Please help me.
>>>>> Thank you!
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