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From Antoine Levy Lambert <>
Subject Re: ANT Custom tasks - difference between using getProject() and "new Project()"
Date Mon, 27 May 2013 14:34:38 GMT


in a custom task you usually do not need to use a new Ant project instance, so I would use
getProject() to access the project attached to the current ant task.

If you are programming a piece of code to execute  an Ant task or ant Ant build file from
a Java class or framework which is not related to Ant, you would create a new Project instance.



On May 26, 2013, at 10:41 AM, WebServices Development wrote:

> I am trying to create a custom ant task to copy files to a specified location based on
some criteria provided to the task.   
> I am using ANT's Copy task for my custom task.  I have seen some discussion about using
one of the two - getProject() and "new Project()" but haven't found any discussion on differences
between when to use which of these approaches.  I realise the basic difference is getting
reference to an existing project vs. creating a new reference, but other than that haven't
found any information.
> Is there a specific reason to use one vs. the other?
> Thank you

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