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From RockyAllen <>
Subject Re: AntUnit and JunitReport incompatible?
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2013 21:45:11 GMT
Thanks, I think I have it now:
For Junit you run JUnitReport which aggregates the TEST-* files into a
TESTS- file, then converts that into HTML.
For Ant-Unit you still use JUnitReport to aggregate the TEST-* files
from AntUnit, but then use the etc/junit-noframes.xsl from the AntUnit
distribution to produce a similar but separate HTML report. Is that
I was hoping to have both AntUnit and JUnit output in the same HTML
report which I don't think can be done directly. The best I have come up
with is to run the attached stylesheet over the AntUnit results to
convert them into JUnit format before running JUnitReport over both sets
of TEST-* files. The result is not quite as pleasing, but does combine
the stats.
Thanks for the help and please let me know if I am still missing

On Thu, 2013-02-07 at 22:17 +0100, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> On 2013-02-07, RockyAllen wrote:
> > When I use the built in XML Listener with AntUnit 1.2, JUnitReport (from
> > Ant 1.8.2) cannot read the output log file properly. Test names and
> > failure reports are included, but not times, and the top line summary
> > does not include the AntUnit results. I think the problem is with the
> > AntUnit listener, which outputs the counts and time for the suite as
> > elements, whereas JUnitReport seems to want them as attributes. The Wiki
> > seems to suggest that they do work together. Any ideas? Should I report
> > a bug?
> You use a custom set of stylesheets (like the ones that ship with
> AntUnit).  Ant's own build file uses junitreport an AntUnit output
> together with the XSLs in
> <>
> Stefan
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