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From Bertrand Lefort <>
Subject Complex build scenario
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2012 14:11:01 GMT

I am new to the list

I am working on an open source initiative, where I have many css and javascripts to concatenate
and compress in different builds. I use Ant and the Yahoo YUI compressor to do it.
I would like to improve the process, but I can not find the right path doing it with ant.

Below is the structure, I have a library directory divided into core, modules and themes.
Each directory contains a module or a theme that could have zero, one or more of the following:
css, js, img, fonts…

The theme directory contains a configuration file, where I specify all the css and js to be
aggregated into to files style-min.css and script-min.js. All is working fine.

- core
-- d4p
--- d4p.css
--- d4p.js
-- ajax
--- ajaxLoader.js
--- ajax.css
- modules
- themes

Now I would like to simplify the life of the developers having a configuration file per module/theme.
The configuration will do an association file / action to perform for each file in the module

The new configuration file in the theme directory would allow the developer to simply list
the module he wants, like an import statement, then the files will follow.

The action, could be to append the content of a file to another for compression (like style.css),
but also copy images/fonts to a central directory.

I tried to add xmlproperties files in each directory, for example <css location="my-file.css"
/> but I am unable to use all the declared properties and use  them a fileset for example.

As anyone an idea of how to achieve this ? Was my explanation clear enough ?


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