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From Matèrne, Jan (RZF, SG 481) <>
Subject AW: question about tstamp
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2012 08:18:32 GMT
Use <ac:foreach inheritrefs="true"/>


<project default="main">

        <format property="time" pattern="HH:mm:ss,SSS" />
    <presetdef name="list">
        <ac:foreach param="nr" list="1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9" target="mod" xmlns:ac="antlib:net.sf.antcontrib"/>

    <target name="main">
        <echo>***************** inheritall="false" *****************</echo> 
        <list inheritall="false"/>
        <echo>***************** inheritall="true" *****************</echo> 
        <list inheritall="true"/>
    <target name="mod">
        <echo>${nr}: ${time}</echo>

-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Eli Skoran [] 
Gesendet: Montag, 29. Oktober 2012 08:40
Betreff: question about tstamp


I am using tstamp and I have a problem I did not find a solution for:
Here is a code sample:

<project name="XXX">
              <format property="date" pattern="dd_MM_yyyy" />
              <format property="time" pattern="HH_mm_ss" />

<property name = "" value="VERSION_NAME_${date}_${time}" />
       <property name = "" value="${svn.tags}/${}" />

<target name="create.tag">
                     <svnExists target="${}"/>
                           <echo>SVN tag already exists: ${}, reusing</echo>
                     <echo>Creating new folder in SVN: ${}</echo>
                     <svn username="${svn.username}" password="${svn.password}">
                           <mkdir url="${}" message="tag: ${p.tag}" />
                     <foreach param="module_name" target="tag.module" list="${svn.projects}"
parallel="false" maxthreads="10"  delimiter=";"/>

       <target name="tag.module">
              <echo message="tagging ${module_name}" />
              <echo>Copying from ${svn.root}/${module_name} to ${}</echo>
              <svn username="${svn.username}" password="${svn.password}">
                     <copy srcUrl="${svn.root}/${module_name}" destUrl="${}"
message="tag: ${}" />

The problem is that each time is used (inside the forreach -> tag.module)
the timestamp is different, hence there is a new folder created in SVN.

How can I fix that?

Eli Skoran

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