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From Kelvin Chung <>
Subject Help with uptodate
Date Sun, 13 Nov 2011 08:45:29 GMT
I'm trying to use ant to manage a group of zip files that must be kept 
up to date.  Suppose I have a folder full of files, and I have a bunch 
of targets that puts different subsets of those files in a zip file.  
Like so:

<fileset id="foo1"> … </fileset>
<fileset id="foo2"> … </fileset>
<fileset id="foo3"> … </fileset>
<target name="foo">
	<zip destfile="">
		<zipfileset prefix="foo1" refid="foo1"/>
		<zipfileset prefix="foo2" refid="foo2"/>
<target name="bar">
	<zip destfile="">
		<zipfileset prefix="bar1" refid="foo1"/>
		<zipfileset prefix="bar2" refid="foo3"/>

I'd like to execute target foo and target bar, say, when the foo1 
fileset or any file therein is modified.  How can I do this?

Also, since I've never used ant before, is it possible to make a 
fileset that, for example, takes all the files in an existing fileset 
except for a number of exceptions?

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