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From Rhino <>
Subject Re: Cancelling Ant Build in mid-flight?
Date Sat, 19 Nov 2011 16:09:09 GMT

  No, I have to admit that I didn't try it outside of Eclipse, although 
I do have a second Ant setup outside of Eclipse so I could do it.

I'm mostly curious about why the build stalled and why nothing in 
Eclipse detected that it was in trouble and put out some kind of message 
about what was going on. Eclipse seemed to be oblivious to the problem 
and actually thought the build was still proceding. Nothing I tried 
seemed to change that, aside from actually restarting Eclipse.  So I 
suppose it's actually more of an Eclipse question than an Ant one. 
Perhaps it would be better to ask on the Eclipse forums, assuming I can 
figure out which one is best for asking Ant-related questions.....


On 2011-11-19 10:32, Scot P. Floess wrote:
> I'm not an Eclipse user...but curious...  Have you tried to manually 
> run your Ant script outside of Eclipse?  I'm wondering if maybe 
> something odd is happening and you aren't seeing it in Eclipse?
> On Fri, 18 Nov 2011, Rhino wrote:
>> I just had an unusual problem. My Ant build stalled in mid-flight 
>> with no messages or warnings to tell me why. I wanted to simply run 
>> it again but every time I tried to start it, Eclipse told me that 
>> there was already an Ant build in progress.
>> I had no idea how to stop a build which didn't really seem to be 
>> running in the first place. (I started the build and it seemed fine 
>> then went out for a few hours and it seems to have stalled shortly 
>> after I left.) I tried clicking on the red "stop" square but that 
>> didn't seem to have cancelled it. I terminated it and removed it in 
>> the Debug window but that doesn't seem to have killed it either. 
>> Finally, I got it to die by exiting Eclipse and restarting it.
>> In case this should happen again, what is the right way to kill an 
>> Ant build in Eclipse?
>> I'm running Eclipse 2.7 with the native Ant, which is Ant 1.8.2. I'm 
>> on Windows XP SP2.
>> -- 
>> Rhino
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